Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Get Your Fresh Lemonade!"

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 First lemonade stand of the summer.
Aaron was so excited to have some lemonade stands this summer.
He ended up having three lemonade stands with his cousin, Zach.

Second lemonade stand of the summer.
Aaron made the sign taped to the front of the desk.
Zach made the sign that Aaron is holding.

Cousin Bruce... a loyal customer.

It was so cute watching these two selling their lemonade.
Aaron was being so bold as he tried to be a 'fresh lemonade' salesman.
I don't even know where he learned how to do this.
I didn't have the heart to tell him that it is not FRESH lemonade,
but just Crystal Light lemonade mix.
Watch these videos...
They are so cute.

Third and final lemonade stand of the summer.

My sweet boy.
Sitting there so hopeful. :)

Handsome Zach.

Some other cousins showed up and Zach was ready to be done,
so Michael and Lily took over his post to help Aaron.

Upside down sign... classic.

I love this photo.
He is such a trooper.

Jake from down the street kept coming over and over to buy lemonade and cookies.
I think he eventually asked if he could help Aaron, so when Michael and Lily had to leave,
Jake came to help Aaron finish up the last little while of his day of selling.

I love this photo as well.
Enduring to the end...

Now THAT is excitement. Eh?

Aaron spent hours and hours and hours out selling lemonade this summer.
He knew the longer and harder he worked, the more money he would be able to earn.
He was a real trooper. I was so impressed with how generous people were when they did get someone to stop and make a purchase. I try to stop whenever I see a lemonade stand... it just makes these kids' day when people take the time to stop.
I sure love this sweet boy...

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Kristi said...

An entrepreneur eh?
Very cute.