Thursday, September 5, 2013

Random July ~ 2013

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hair cut time

Pizza Pie Cafe has a new vehicle. It is an old ambulance from the 70s.
It was an entry in the parades this summer and it was a hit.
It stays parked outside of the restaurant now and people get their photos taken with it.
Its so great.

Aaron with his cousins Greta and Evelyn.
These girls sure love Aaron and he sure loves them.
They play so cute together.
They insisted that I keep taking photos of all of their poses.



Beautiful Cali.
Aaron's new little cousin on the Harkness side.

Aaron with Cali.

Aaron and Stella
building a ranch out of lincoln logs.
Such great friends.


I snuck a photo through a crack in the door.
Aaron was trying to build a fort on the trampoline.
So cute. 

Static hair.

My friend, Brooke, from Texas came to Utah to visit family...
we were lucky enough to go to lunch with her and her cute kids.

We went to dinner with my friend Lisa and her kids.
Always a good time.

Can you see the rain pouring down?

Spencer and Kristi's family came to visit for a couple of weeks in July.
We were lucky enough to spend a lot of time with them while they were here.
Aaron had friends to play with 24/7. He was in heaven.

Here are a few snap chats that Spencer took.
The shoe is Aaron.

Aaron sure loves his cousins.

Aaron and Charlie B.

Me with 6 of my siblings and their spouses out to dinner.
Maria, Kristi, Nairn, Spencer, Richard, Kara, ME, Robert, Teresa, John, Tawnie, John R, Lisa
We missed those who could not join us.

 Aaron eating his crepe. Mmm...

We had fun at Cherry Hill with various family members in July.
 Spencer, Benny, Luke, Aaron

Spencer and Zach

Benny, Luke, Aaron


Beautiful Bountiful Temple under a rainbow.

Lila with a patch of daisies.
I love this girl.

Lila gave Aaron and me each a flower and told us they were for when we get married.
She's so cute.

Aaron wanted to have a movie night out on the trampoline.
This is Aaron, Luke, Spencer, Daniel, Lila, Benny
Allison, Andrew, Ethan

The night before Spencer and Kristi were leaving to go home, Aaron stayed up late and went through the whole house looking for things that they had forgotten to pack. He put all of the stuff into piles for each kid. It makes me cry knowing how much fun he has with them and how much he misses them.
He is such a sweet boy.

Here is Aaron saying goodbye to everyone.
Not sure why I didn't get a photo of him with Kristi.
It was so much fun having them here.
We miss them.
This was really early in the morning, later in the day, Aaron was so bored and so sad that his friends had left that day, that is when we decided to go on our hike to elephant rock... to get our minds off of how much we were missing them.
We can't wait to see them at Christmas time.

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Kristi said...

Oh so fun. I wish so much that we lived there. It was a great visit. We miss you all so much.
I need to make a paper chain to count down until we come again. Paper chains are always fun.