Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wedding Celebrations

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My oldest niece, Sarah got married in July to Parker.
They had a beautiful ceremony in the Bountiful Temple
and these are a few photos from their reception.
They are a great couple.

The wedding cake and grooms cake that my brother made for his daughter's wedding. :)

Here are 'the guys' lifting the pole that would make all of these awesome lanterns hang over the reception.
It took a lot of work by a lot of people to get this reception to look as beautiful as it did.
It was a lot of hard work and it really was beautiful.


 The candy table.

Grandpa with cute Charlie J.

Teresa, Me, Lori
with the drink table.

Luke, Aaron, Benny
also helping to man the drink table.

Aaron wearing one of the crepe chef's hats. :)

I didn't get very many photos that day, but here are a few treasures.

There was dancing at the end...
my sweet boy danced with me for quite a few songs.


I loved seeing my parents dancing.

My sweet boy is so thoughtful.
I love him so much.

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