Thursday, August 21, 2014

12 years ago...

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12 years ago, today, Aaron and I got married.
It was a beautiful day.
We spent 5 anniversaries together before he passed away.
I have now 'celebrated' 7 wedding anniversaries alone, that seems surreal.

My Mom gave me an anniversary card today and this photo was the front of the card.
It is was one of my favorite photos of Aaron and me, so it was a welcome sight.
Happy Anniversary, Aaron. We love you.

Now, did I say that I have spent 7 anniversaries alone?
I guess that is not entirely true... with this kid around, I can never be truly alone.
What a blessing he is in my life. He is sweet and thoughtful and brings me such joy.
At least I get to have one of my Aarons here with me. :)

* * *

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Adam and Sherry said...

Leslie you are an amazing woman. Your strength and testimony are always such an inspiration. I know that you have hard days, and days like this one are always going to pull at those heart strings that for so many other times we think we have under control. But we will always feel lonely for the ones that we love that are no longer with us on this earth. A caring, loving Heavenly Father will always be there to help and comfort. I just wanted you to know that I look to you for strength. You are such an example to me.