Thursday, August 28, 2014

Field Trip

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On the second day of school, my sister decided to check her daughter out of school to take her with some of her other kids to the Children's Museum of Natural Curiosity.
It was the last day for the August $2 Tuesdays...
and she asked if I wanted to check Aaron out of school and bring him along.
Let me think about that... ummm...

...that's a big fat YEP!!!

So, we checked our kids out nearly 3 hours early on the second day of school and we went to this fun place. The kids had a blast!

Aaron's floating head.

 Aaron, Henry, Stella

Lisa and most of her kids with their other Grandma.

Aaron and Me.
Thanks for the invite, Lisa.
Let us know when the next 'field trip' is!
It was fun!

* * *

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