Thursday, February 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

I just thought I would share a secret. Today, February 26th... I took down our Christmas decorations.

These photos show what our living room looked like until this afternoon. It might have been laziness that kept me from taking them down, but I didn't get to decorate for Christmas with our decorations last year, so I guess I was enjoying them too much as well.

This is the Nativity that Aaron bought for me for our first Christmas together. I love it.

Some of Aaron's family cut this tree for us. I am grateful to them. It held up pretty nicely. The ornaments are extras from the ones we used on the tree for Aaron for the festival of trees. Aaron's mom gave these to us to use on our tree. It was beautiful.

Top left: something I stitched to go into a frame that Aaron built.
Top right: The stockings that my mom and my sister cross stitched / made for us.
Bottom left: another ornament from Aaron's mom.
Bottom right: a wall hanging that my mom made for us a couple of years ago.

Has anyone else ever left their Christmas decorations out for this long?

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Mindy said...

I have NEVER left mine up that long... I can't wait until I get to take it all down and clean up. :) Your decorations are so beautiful though, I don't blame you for leaving them up!

Aaron Jr. sharing his accomplishment with his dad was soooo sweet! I hope he always feels like his dad is close!

Anonymous said...

I know a lady that left them up until July one year... and it was a real tree!

Natalie said...

If my house looked that cute, I wouldn't want to take them down either! ;)

Joann said...

The year we went with you guys to cut down trees our tree was up until me moved...In LATE March. So...yup, I think Justin would have it up all year if I let him. I love that you waited!

Sarahmanarah said...

You have me beat I took down ours Feb. 9th. I just couldn't get rid of that fresh tree. We chopped it down out of the Uintah's It still was alive when I took it down, but I still have my nativity up. It's the same as yours. Why is it that we both have such great taste. Chow. Sarah

Sarahmanarah said...
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Sarahmanarah said...
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