Monday, March 23, 2009

'I'm Aaron Harkness'

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Aaron Jr. and Shayla

Not sure what is so funny in this photo. I think Aaron was over petting her and she turned her head toward him and it startled him, so he jumped back and laughed... I think.

Anyone who knows Aaron Jr. well... knows that he is obsessed with watching movies. Well, this photo shows how obsessed he is. I think he has a little bit of OCD and he has to have HIS things right where he wants them. Whatever toy he is attached to on any given day, he has to have it in his hand or on his lap or right next to him all day and then he has to sleep with it that night. Well, his movies have become his obsession lately. He has to have them with him wherever he goes. This photo shows just how particular he is... he would not let me put them anywhere else, they all had to be on his lap as he drifted to sleep next to me. His hands are even still attached to the stack to make sure they stay put. When I put him to bed that night, I had him put them on the nightstand next to him, when he woke up the next morning, this next photo shows how he exited the bedroom...

He had literally been awake for about 45 seconds (give or take a few) in this photo.
I believe it was that day that I forced him to let me put his movies into a handy little carrying case so we didn't have to go everywhere with this stack of movies. So, now he carries that carrying case around with him everywhere he goes. It is small though, so it is fine with me. :)

Several weeks ago, Aaron Jr. started tapping his finger on the side of his face when he was trying to decide something. If I asked him what he wanted to eat or something like that, he would start tapping the side of his face and look the other direction sometimes to show that he was truly in thought. Well, I would laugh every time he did it, so he realized that the only thing he had to do to get me to laugh was to tap the side of his face as though he is thinking. Lately, when I get upset and I am putting him in timeout, when I turn my back, he will say, 'Mom, look at me'... then when I turn around, he will be tapping the side of his face like this. I can't help but laugh and give him a huge hug and then he keeps doing that until I forget why he is in trouble. He has me wrapped around his cute little finger.
Anyhow, now a days... all I have to do is tell him to show people 'how he thinks' and he will do it and anyone who sees it laughs. He gets pretty excited to show people and he is quite proud of it now... he and I call it 'his think'. When I want to see it, I just ask him to show me 'his think'. My brother, Spencer, has even had Aaron Jr. help him think a few times today and Aaron Jr. will reach over and tap the side of my brother's face instead of his own. It is so cute. I love it. I am not even sure where he picked it up, but I am loving showing it off to everyone we see.

I call Aaron Jr. by his full name once in a while so that he hears it sometimes. Last week, I told him his full name and then I asked him what his name was. He said it is Aaron, then I told him again that he is Aaron Sverre Harkness. He refused to believe it. Well, tonight when he was saying goodnight to my mom, she told him that he is a good boy and he said, 'I'm Aaron Harkness'. It is the first time he has ever used his first and last name and I was so excited to hear it. I want him to bear his name proudly because he is named after a great man who we both love so very much.

I love this sweet little boy... he brings joy to my days.

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Helen said...

What a cutie! He's getting so big.

Mindy said...

He does have a great name and legacy to carry on! What a funny, cute, adorable boy!

Matchbox Mom said...

He is SO cute! (As Aaron Jr would say!) haha!
Love the face tap! Maybe i'll come have hime 'help' me think sometime!

Kristi said...

Aaron is funny. I love the think. He cracks me up. I have loved seeing how well he and Luke play together. They are such cute friends. His movie obsession is hilarious. I was wondering why he had been carrying that movie case around.
What a cutie.
Love you, oh and thanks for facilitating this comment by taking care of Spencer's beverage needs.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, Leslie.



christa said...

His "think" was so funny. He looked so cute when he did it last night. He's such a cutie. We need to get him and Isaac together more often to fulfill their car/truck obsession together. Good to see you last night!

Tabitha said...

He sure is one sweet boy!
I love the picture of him doing his 'think' ~ so cute.
Take care ~ thinking of you ~ XXX

dani said...

he is so precious, leslie, and he's getting so big!!! i'm sure he makes your heart sing on a regular basis:)
dani xx

Rhitzclan said...

Love it! Aaron is looking like such a grown up little boy! Not much like a toddler anymore- I can't believe it. Missing you...

Joann said...

I love it! What a cute little guy. I hope to see his "think" very soon.

Lisa (seesalou) said...

fun stories. good job documenting them. the pics with shayla (sheila?) were beautiful. love you.