Tuesday, March 17, 2009

LEXUS ... also built FORD tough?

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Well, according to Aaron... :) Here we are attempting to climb Lions Back in Moab, Utah.

After Aaron passed away, I knew I was going to have to sell his truck and his motorcycles, but I was glad that I would get to keep our car and drive it for a long time. It had never given us any trouble, so I thought it would last a while. Well, after only about four and a half months, the Lexus blew a head gasket and I was only able to drive it for another week or so. It has been sitting at my parents house unable to be driven ever since April of last year. The estimate to get it repaired was a lot of money. I cried and cried that day knowing that Aaron would never want me to spend that much money to repair it. But I still considered repairing it for sentimental reasons. It was a difficult decision. A few months later, I was blessed to be able to buy my parents car. They gave me a great deal on it and it has been great for us. But I was still so sad not to be able to drive the car that Aaron and I had together. From the photo above, it is obvious that Aaron wanted all of his vehicles to be tough enough to do whatever his FORD truck could do.

Aaron even bought FORD floor mats for the Lexus.

Here are just a few of the reasons that our Lexus meant so much to us:

* Aaron took me on dates while courting me in that car.
* Aaron and I drove away from our wedding and reception in that car.
* Aaron and I took countless vacations and weekend getaways in that car.
* Aaron and I brought Aaron Jr. home from the hospital for the first time in that car.
* Our little family also took countless vacations and weekend getaways in that car.
* And, of course, loads more memories...

Well, after all this time, I finally listed the Lexus for sale and it finally sold. Because of the repair it needed, it sold for such a small amount, but I could not keep it and every little bit helps. It was just so sad to watch OUR family car being towed away.

Here are Aaron Jr. and me with the Lexus.
Oh the wonderful memories...

Lately, Aaron Jr. is really into using the word 'SO'. He says things like, "Mom, I'm SO hungry." or "Mom, I'm SO cold." or "Mom, I'm SO cold." or when I pick him up after primary at church, he will run to me and say, "Mom, I missed you SO much." He always emphasizes the word 'SO'. Anyhow, last night, Aaron Jr. woke up in the middle of the night and he looked at a photo of Aaron and him across the room and he said, "I miss my dad SO much." I asked him what he said (because I love to hear him say things like that) and he repeated it a couple more times. I told him that I miss him as well and I gave him a hug. It was so sweet.
He has also been talking a lot about his Dad and alligators. One if his stories involved a baby boat in there somewhere. Tonight he shared with me that Daddy was at work and when I asked him what Daddy was doing at work, he said that he was fighting alligators with a sword. Then he made the motions of how you fight with a sword. Who knows where he is getting these stories? I can only hope they are vivid and exciting dreams that he is getting to have about his Daddy. :)

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Mindy said...

The first picture made me laugh... it reminds me so much of Brandon. I can't tell you how many places we drove our Dodge Shadow, and how many flat tires we got because of it. Our men think everything is a truck, I guess. (Although Brandon is a Chevy truck man. ;)

I totally understand being sentimental about a car... I've cried when our cars have left us, too. You have so much reason to have attachment to that car... I'm glad you got so many fun pictures to remember it.

Becky Low said...

Leslie- I know you don't know me, but I've been following your blog for sometime now. I'm not sure exactly why I decided to comment today after all this time, but something about your post reminded me of my crazy sentimental self. My sister and I came across your blog accidentally sometime last summer. I have been inspired by you and by your faith and courage. This is weird, and you'll probably feel weird hearing it (hopefully not) but I even commented to my sister the other day, that I thought maybe you were starting to feel better. I know how crazy that must sound. Probably pretty intrusive coming from someone you don't know. I hope that you don't take it wrong. I just smile when I read about your good days. It shows and it makes something in me feel better too. I have also been affected by death and by a kind of loss that's been tough to deal with at times. I have weird, bad days and I think about you and wonder how you're holding up. I am grateful for a Father in Heaven and Savior who carry me through those times when I can't do it on my own. I'm grateful for your example too. Just wanted you to know. Hope all is well.

Becky Low

Joann said...

I really am sad that you had to sell the Lexus. It was such a great car. I understand having to get rid of the car you first had together. I can only imagine that it's 100 times worse in your situation. But, you have the memories and I hope they are enough to carry you through...not only losing the car, but everything. I love you, Leslie. You are an amazing woman and I look up to you more than you'll ever know.

jensenfamily said...

I LOVE that picture of Aaron trying to take the lexus up there, so funny - love him. erin

Tabitha said...

All these changes are so sad Leslie, but I suppose that it is all part of moving on ~ I love all the wonderful memories that you have surrounding the car ~ you will always carry those with you.

Aaron Jnr is so sweet ~ I am sure that his daddy is watching over him and laughing at his stories.
Love and big hugs Tabitha XXXX

Anonymous said...

Aaron Jnr is SO cute.

SO much love to you, Leslie.


Kristi said...

I didn't even realize that it had sold. I am glad that you have a functioning car to replace it though.
Aaron is so cute. I love that he is still having adventurous dreams with his dad as the action figure. It doesn't seem right that a cute little boy like Aaron has to miss his dad 'SO' much and not get to have him there with him. We love you two.

April said...

Oh, what was he thinking in all those crazy moments??? I think I am about one-millionth as brave as Aaron was (or should I say crazy?)!!! :)
It is sad to see the Lexus go... at least the memories will stay with you.
Love the story Aaron Jr. told-- I can just imagine Aaron wispering these crazy, adventerous stories about himself into Aaron Jr.'s ear. Miss him. Miss you. Love from afar!

Allred Mom said...

May the sweetmemories continue in your heart and may the vivid dreams that Aaron Jr. has help him have continuous adventures with his daddy!

dani said...

i SO hope that his stories come from sweet adventurous dreams he is having of his daddy, too, leslie:) so sorry you had to let the lexus go; just hang on to the great memories it brought you!!!
much love,
dani xx