Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Toilets & Toys ... or is it Toilets ARE Toys?

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Okay, I am so proud to announce that Aaron Jr. is still doing a remarkable job with his potty training. It has been his own idea to go potty for the past couple of days, except I have to remind him when he first wakes up.
Today, just as I was about to post this posting... I went in to see why he was taking so long in the bathroom and the floor was completely flooded and there was saturated toilet paper all over the floor. I guess now that he has become a master user of the toilet, he decided it was time to start treating it as his shiny new toy. I think he figured that he was making it too easy for me and he had to start adding a little more work back into my day. I guess he didn't want me to become too idle. :) As I took some towels and cleaned it up, he stood at the door telling me, 'I'm so sorry, Mom' over and over. I kept telling him thank you and to try not to do it again, then he would just say sorry again. I am telling you, he is the sweetest kid ever. When I was done and the bathroom was clean again, he cheered and was so excited. What a kid! I can't be too upset when he is so sweet.

Here is his potty chart all completed. He chose every sticker that went on there. I helped him a little in choosing the sticker with the Brasil flag on it. :)

Okay, here is Aaron Jr. with his potty sticker chart that is now completed and also with his rewards for completing said potty sticker chart.
As he got his shoes on to go to the store, he was very focused on getting there to get his toy for his sticker chart being done. He even helped me get my shoes.
We walked up and down the toy aisles in Target so he could make a wise and informed decision about his reward... he ended up picking the very first toy he saw when we first started. It is a toy golf club and toy golf balls. They are soft like nerf things. He is loving it. Because he chose something cheap, I let him pick a couple of cheap DVDs as well. He chose a Power Rangers movie and a Scooby Doo movie. He is obsessed with the Power Rangers now after watching it about 5 times so far. He is so cute.

I just had to end with our end of the day routine. This was last night. I take my shoes off and put them by the front door, then Aaron Jr. takes his and has to line them up perfectly with mine. It always makes me smile so big and it brings such joy to my soul. He is a sweetheart.

Now, as for all of the things I dreaded doing by myself since I am now a lone parent here...

Potty Training : CHECK

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Kate, Randy, Alek, Hank, and Cash said...

Way to go Aaron Jr. Alek is right behind you, we do a pee pee dance every time he goes, it is very exciting. He has the hang of it at home, we have not ventured into the public setting with no diaper yet though. What breaks my heart during this is he, sorry to be blunt but insists on "shaking it" when he is done. He say, "Ma-Ma, shake it like Da-Da." He would know if Randy got up he was going to use the bathroom and well he joined him on most occassion and I guess that is what his father taught him. I do remember hearing those conversations that Randy would walk him through the process.
Great jog Leslie...He is such a cutie with his shoes next to yours. Thank you also for the beautiful comment.
Trying to SMILE

Sarah said...

Way to go, literally I guess! Potty training is such an awful chore. Would it really be so hard if everyone came to earth potty trained? Come on!

Power Rangers dance in my dreams. I can name them. I have to make sure it's the right "group" since there is Mystic Force and Mighty Morphin and all the different ones.

The shoes say it all. How sweet!

Mindy said...

Awesome, Aaron Jr.! (and Leslie!) What an accomplishment!

I love the picture of the shoes together.

Kristi said...

Potty training is a big deal. It is something you and your child do together. The child has such a feeling of accomplishment and the parent is so proud and happy that diapers no longer need to be changed or purchased.
Yea Aaron! We are so proud of you. We love you buddy.

Tawnie said...

So very cute. He is a very sweet boy. Good documenting of these great moments.
And we bought Jack that same club for his birthday next week. I thought it was pretty cool!!! Nice choice.

Anonymous said...

Well done Aaron Jnr and Leslie!

Love to you


Lisa (seesalou) said...

i am so thrilled for you!!! that is so exciting. you and aaron jr. both did so well. no more diapers! i'm happy for this milestone that you passed with flying colors. here's to many you!

amanda said...

It just goes to show that you are not doing it alone:)

...because I am having a terrible time:{

Steve said...

He is so sweet. As I read that story it made me really miss you guys. I hope that you are doing well. We have had to move again this last week. I keep thinking that I want to call you but until I get out of a few more boxes I am going to have to wait. I hope that you are doing good.

Claire said...

Congratulations to Aaron Jnr! It really is such an accomplishment! That picture of him with his toys is just so cute.. well deserved!

And congratulations Leslie - it takes a lot of patience to go through potty training!

Tabitha said...

I am so glad that things are still going so well with the potty training ~ he seems to have the hangs of it.
Well done you ~ for dealing with it all ~ I know how hard these things are when you are on your own.
Take care ~ love and hugs Tabitha X

Joann said...

I am in love with shoes. It is so sweet. I am also proud of you, Leslie. Potty training can be frustrating and difficult, but it sounds like you are a pro...or maybe Aaron Jr is :) I really think we need to get together again. Let plan something for this weekend, okay?

Kadee said...

Congrats! on a very hard and frustrating task.Give me a call when you get back home.