Thursday, September 10, 2009

Trike to Bike

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Aaron Jr. on his tricycle.

The summer before Aaron passed away, we went to look for a tricycle for Aaron Jr. He was about 18 months old and we figured he would probably be ready to ride it soon. (We were a little early, but now I am glad so that Aaron could help pick it out.) So, we went to Wal-Mart and looked through the few options and we were both agreeing that we weren't finding the right one. Then we saw this one... we had both wanted it to be one that had the look of the classic looking Radio Flyer tricycles. THIS one was the one we both loved, so we bought it.
Well, this summer is really the first summer that Aaron Jr. has been interested in actually learning how to pedal and ride it. So, here are a bunch of photos of him riding it recently.

WARNING: I loved too many of my photos of him riding to be able to narrow it down, so this posting is to humor me. So, there are a RIDICULOUS amount of photos in this posting of virtually the same thing. :) Enjoy ... if you want. :)

Ode and Aaron Jr. Aaron calls Ode his best friend.

Aaron Jr. working on his trike.

He kept pretending to crash onto the grass. Such a funny kid.

Notice the shirt. This shirt has become his favorite shirt lately. He calls it is 'Mommy's Hero shirt'. I would let him wear it every day if it didn't get so dirty and need to be washed. I love that he loves it... because he truly is my little hero.

He was getting so fast on it, his legs were pedaling faster than the pedals would go, so his feet would slip off the pedals and he would almost crash. So... I was talking to a couple of my neighbors one day and told them that I was hoping to find a small bike for him at the thrift store. My neighbor, Julie, said that they had gotten one at a thrift store for their son and it was too small for him now and she said she would check to see if they still had it. Well, a few minutes later, she came walking back over following her son, who was riding a great blue Huffy bike. They wouldn't hear of me paying them for it, they wanted to give it to Aaron Jr.

I am SO grateful for their generosity. It is perfect for him. And in the photos below you will see how much he is loving it...

First, we had to buy training wheels to put on it. Here is Aaron Jr. working on getting the bolt off...

Once we got them on, it was bye bye trike, and hello bike.
Here he is getting ready to ride it for the first time.

The tires needed a little air, so he got off to push it into the garage...

and PUMP... (clap) ... it up. :) I am lame.

And again with the 'Mommy's Hero shirt'.

And here is my sweet boy who is growing up way too fast...
He seriously couldn't get that smile off of his face the whole day as he rode.
He begs to go outside several times a day to ride his bike. It is great!

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Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

He has such a sunny smile.

Anonymous said...

He DOES look so big on that bike!



jensenfamily said...

so cute - he is such a cute kid - hope you're doing well! it was really great to see you last month~ Erin

April said...

Wow, it is so crazy how fast he is growing. The images from trike to bike pulled at my heart strings a little... just can not believe how quick these precious little ones progess! Love you both! (p.s. the kids and I are flying in for the open-house... so we'll see you soon!!!)

Until such time... said...

Too many pictures? Oh that's just crazy talk! One can hardly have too many pictures of such a cute kid!

I'm impressed how you let him do stuff himself - that is so good for him. (removing bolt, airing up tire) Good mothering! And good photography. Thanks so much for sharing.

Kristi said...

Yep, he would fit right in at our house. Our boys can't seem to get enough of their bikes. It has been such a fun, fancy-free summer because of it.
Aaron is so big. You should bring his bike the next time you come up. They could form a bike posse.
I loved the pictures, even when it seemed to get ridiculous :).

Claire said...

Has he just grown a whole foot in height?! He looks so tall all of a sudden!

Your pictures are great, Leslie. He's such a handsome little boy and you seem to be such a great mum to him.

christa said...

He's looks so cute on his bike. I just love how much they love to ride bikes. Mine are out there all day long! Next time you come over, you'll have to bring it!

AlanaBD said...

He's so cute, Leslie! Isn't it amazing the little things that are SO important and exciting to us parents? They DO grow up fast! Love all the photos!


dani said...

i cannot believe how much aaron jr. has grown since i stopped by last!!! he is so precious, and i love how excited he is about his new mode of transportation:)
thinking of you!!!
much love,
dani xx... x