Monday, September 21, 2009

Labor Day Triathlon

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(You will want to turn up your sound for this inspiring song :)
Well, the triathlon that Kerianne and I planned on doing at the beginning of the summer finally came and went. A few days before Labor Day, I started getting a cough and went to the doctor to try to get it figured out and cured before the triathlon. So he prescribed an inhaler and some antibiotics. I was on day three of the antibiotics when the race rolled around. The night before I was trying to decide if I should risk it. But I had had a couple of really rough weeks and I felt like I really needed to run in the triathlon since I had been planning on doing it with Kerianne for over two months. I wanted to do it.

This is me with Kerianne before the race began.

Kerianne and Leslie
These were our numbers.

Our bikes. Anyone who remembers what happened in last month's triathlon will know what happened with the bike I used last time. This time, I borrowed a road bike from a neighbor of mine. It made a huge difference. Once a girl showed me how to shift gears in the middle of the race, I was flying. :) I guess I should have ridden the bike at least once before the race. What is my problem?
I should also thank my sister in law Christa for loaning me a pair of running shoes for both of these triathlons. Sue for loaning me her bike for the last one. And the Miseners for loaning me their road bike. I really should get my own equipment, right?

Doing the run at the END of the triathlon this time was really hard. It doesn't even look like I am running. My legs felt like jello and I was having a hard time breathing. These medications were my best friends that day. The inhaler was a much needed friend before and after. These photos were taken by my sister Lisa. She and my sister Lori came to cheer us on as we passed by... with water ready to hand to us. It really brightened the run when I saw them and heard them cheering.

I had to end up walking for about a third of the running part. I was sad about that since I didn't have to walk at all in the last one. But my lungs were having a hard time and I was struggling to breathe some of it. It probably wasn't the smartest thing to do a triathlon while I had bronchitis... now that it is over... I am glad I did it, but I will never do that again. :)

These are shots of us after the race. Somehow I just don't feel as pretty as the before photos. :) Maybe the buckets of sweat on my face and body have a little to do with that.
I should have stepped back a bit... my head looks huge compared to Kerianne's. :)

My brother Mark pushed his baby in her stroller over to the finish line to cheer for me as I ran in. And Sue brought Aaron Jr. to cheer as well. Kerianne's sister in law and my friend, Darci was there as well and she was actually supposed to do it with us. Next year Darci. :)
I am really grateful for all of the people who came to cheer for me in both of these triathlons. I realize how sad I would be if there was no one who cared about me personally waiting to cheer me on during and after the race.

And here is me and my #1 fan, Aaron Jr.

To be honest, during both of these races, I kept thinking about Aaron and wishing so badly that he was standing at the finish line with Aaron Jr waiting for me to cross and tell me how proud he was of me. I actually have pictured it a few times and wished it could be so. I miss him.

Leslie and Kerianne
Thanks for doing this with me Kerianne. Hopefully we can recruit more people for next year...

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LL said...

Must feel so good to have finished another race. Good for you!
Hope you're feeling better~

Kristi said...

Next time you should just not get bronchitis. That would have saved you a lot of suffering. Let me know if you need any health tips like this for next time.
Love you lots
Dr. Kristi

Mindy said...

Awesome, Leslie! You're a trooper to do the race even with bronchitis. :)

AlanaBD said...


Michelle Bretzing Jacobi said...

Congrats, Leslie! What an accomplishment! I hope you continue to find such a great outlet! You have amazing friends. I wish I was so lucky!

Rebecca_Adams said...

I would LOVE to do a triathlon sometime! I did one 5k race on the 4th of July, but that's all I've done as far as races. I'm hoping to do another 5k race or two next year, but a triathlon sounds like fun! Where were both of the ones you did located? I love races... gives me a reason to exercise! :) Good job on both your triathlons! :)

Liz said...

WOOOHOOO, nice job Leslie! i think you look beautiful in both pictures.

Allred Mom said...

Congratulations on a triathlon well done!

Sarahmanarah said...

You are amazing. Karianne told me you didn't even train. Who can do that? Leslie! I'm so impressed. Sending my love your way. Sarah

jensenfamily said...

that's totally sweet - great job! erin

Anonymous said...

Fantastic effort Leslie!!

I think you look great in the after-shots as well, by the way. Very athletic!



Anonymous said...
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