Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lagoon & Other Fun

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We went to Lagoon in August. Here is Aaron Jr. on Tidal Wave. He was pretty daring putting his hands in the air on almost every ride. SO cute.

This was Aaron's favorite ride... the Bumper Cars. He cried really hard every time it ended.

This is Robert, Teresa, & Zachary. We went to Lagoon with them.

Here we are on the Swings. This one always makes my stomach feel so strange. It feels so sketchy. Aaron loved it.

Aaron was NOT happy that there was water spraying us. Isn't that part of the fun? Ummm... guess not.

The last ride I went on was called Cliff Hanger. My brother and I went on it. It was awful. We had no idea that we would come out SOAKING wet. All it did was take you up, hang you upside down, then pour water all over you while you are hanging upside down. Then it does it again and again. It was AWFUL.


This isn't Lagoon, but thought it went with the theme. This is at a ward party. Aaron Jr. was up and down this big slide THE WHOLE TIME. It kept the kids occupied all evening.

It was great. :)

Okay, here is my funny story from this day at Lagoon. John & Tawnie had extra passes that would get up to 8 people in for $18.00 a piece. So, we went with Robert and Teresa, so it made 5 people. Each person getting in on that pass had to pay $18.00. So, when we stepped up to pay for all of us, we handed the girl that pass to get us all in at the $18.00 price, and this is how our conversation went from there:

Girl: How many?

Us: 3 adults, 1 child, and 1 toddler. (we didn't know if she needed to know ages)

Girl: Do you want a toddler pass then?

Me: How much is a toddler pass?

Girl: $23.00

Me: Can't we just pay the $18.00 for him as well?

Girl: If you WANT to.

Me: Well, I would rather pay $18.00 than $23.00.

Girl: Ok. (still answering as though she didn't know why we were making that choice... she probably did, but it just seemed like it)

It made for a good laugh.

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Kristi said...

Wow, Aaron can go on a lot of the fun rides. We took the kids probably 3 years ago and it was pretty lame - for us as far as riding because Luke and Spencer were too small. There are also a lot of rides that I have never even tried before. Cliffhanger? What's that? Looks like you had a great time.