Saturday, September 5, 2009

Random August

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My Sweet Boy with pizza sauce on his face. :)

Congrats to my niece Lauren on getting baptized.

This flowering bush comes back every year. Every year, Aaron would rip it out because it would go brown and dead, and it would still come back every year... and I have LOVED it. It has so many different colors on it and I think it is so beautiful. The flowers are closed during the day, but in the evenings, they open up and they are gorgeous. I had to put a photo of it in here... they will probably be gone soon for the year. If anyone happens to know what this bush / flower is called, can you let me know? I have always wondered.

This strange looking butterfly looking bug kept coming and getting something out of each flower or putting something in, who knows?

My friend Tom and his brothers came to visit one night. He was in town for a couple of days. I have not seen Tom since before I was married, but we have reconnected since Aaron passed away. Tom is one of my best friends and I am grateful for his listening ear. He is a wonderful friend. I was excited to see him.

Me jumping with Isaac on the trampoline. He is such a sweet kid.

Aaron Jr put this hamper up on my bed and got in. He was watching TV like this. It was so funny.

What a character...

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Janeal said...

I believe your beautiful flowering bush is called a "four-o-clock". I have them in my yard too and I love them, they come back every year. If you gather the little black seeds at the base of the blossom in the fall you can plant them in other spots as well. Happy gardening!

Leslie said...

OH THANK YOU... i have been gathering those this year. and i totally plan to use them. thank you for letting me know what it is called.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie,

Those are some seriously cute pictures of your little man!!

Love the one with him in Aaron's favourite hat.

The flowers around Aaron's grave are just so beautiful too.

Lovely, lovely.



Kristi said...

Cute pictures. I am excited for Luke and Aaron to play tomorrow. They are so interesting together. Those are pretty flowers and yes, Aaron is a character. We love you guys. See you tonight!

Matchbox Mom said...

Little Aaron Jr is so cute! I love the flowers!
You are still in my thoughts and prayers.


Donna said...

Coming out of lurk mode to tell you your little guy is adorable and your strength in coping with your husband's loss is amazing.

I was going to also tell you about the four-o'clocks, but see someone has already told you. We have them in our back yard and they smell heavenly! That creature you photographed is a hummingbird moth and they do indeed love them.

Best wishes!

Until such time... said...

Hmmm...I think your son and my granddaughter might hit it off. Seems like they have something in common...

Momza said...

yup, the flowers are called "4 o'clocks" and they're beautiful!
Pics of your sunshine boy are fun as always!

Marc and Megan said...

Wow, crazy small world! Your friend Tom served in the same mission as me. If I remember right he was serving in the office when I first arrived in Italy.

I love how your photos capture so much of living in the moment. You continue to be a huge example of faith and perseverance for me. Thank you for that.