Thursday, November 12, 2009

Henry John

* * * * * * *

Henry John was born last week and is baby # 6 for my sister, Lisa and my brother in law, John. He is perfect and we love him so much. He was about 18 hours old in this photo... so fresh from heaven.

Congrats! We love you guys.

* * *


Claire said...


Valeri said...

So sweet. I love the "fresh from Heaven".... what a vivid thought!

Lisa said...

thanks! love aaron's jacket below!

Liz said...

I love him, I do not know him but I love him. I want to kiss his cheeks.

dani said...

he is precious, leslie, and i love his sweet little name:)
much love,
dani xx... x

AlanaBD said...

He is darling!!! Please tell Lisa I said, Congratulations!