Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Forgotten Photos

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Here are some photos from November and December that I forgot about because they were on my phone. I downloaded them this week, so here they are...

My new nephew Henry John... this is at church the day he was blessed. My sister Lisa stayed up really late the night before making that hat for him. She did it while learning from a 'how to' video on youtube. It cracks me up. Good job Lisa. John gave Henry a beautiful blessing.

Aaron in the car. He sleeps more in the car than any child I have ever known.

A few photos from a ride at Disneyland. There are a couple of photos that are skewed... they look pretty funny.

Haak and Aaron. This is Aaron's friend from our neighborhood where we had our home. He misses him. He misses all of his friends from there. We both do.

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Rhitzclan said...

Love the hat on Henry John. I have a great, great grandfather named John Henry. =)

Kristi said...

Bonus pictures. There is one of those pictures of Aaron on the ride that reminds me of Lila. Strange.
Fun random things.