Monday, January 4, 2010

Random November & December

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This is my friend Christie and her kids. She asked me to take some photos of them as a Christmas gift for her husband, Bjorn. I had so much fun taking photos of them.
Christie, Breeze, Axel, Haak

Aaron Jr and Ode. This is my newest nephew, Henry in one of our little hutches. My sisters came to help me pack and we were being silly. He is so precious.

My brothers, brother in laws, one of my nephews, my dad, and my father in law all came to help move our stuff out of the house. It left us in our home with only a cushion on the floor, a TV, and a VCR. Anyhow, later that night, my sister called and said they were on their way to see us. It is a 45 minute drive and they were coming because she said my brother in law (her husband) Scott had been thinking about us all day after helping us move and wanted to come and see us. So they brought us some flowers and treats and came to see us. It was so much fun having them there for a bit. Aaron Jr LOVED when visitors came to our home... so he couldn't get enough of wrestling with Scott and playing with their kids. It was so nice of them. Thank you Scott and Lori and your kids.

That night, Aaron Jr kept drawing pictures of Daddy on his little drawing thing. He kept wanting to show me.

Here are a few little celebrations of Aaron Jr's birthday. Here he is with some of the Harkness cousins. Sadie brought this cute cake for him.

Then the kids all helped him dig in... so cute.

In the top photos, Aaron Jr is having cupcakes with a few of his friends from the neighborhood.

The bottom photos are of Aaron Jr wearing the hat he got from our neighbor and friend Corinne, and her daughter Calleigh. Aaron was always wanting to wear that hat when he went to play at their house. So nice of them. In the bottom photo, he is with my nephew Joseph. We went to their house on Aaron's actual birthday because I didn't have the baking supplies to bake him a cake at my house anymore. :)

Top photo is of Aaron with Calleigh and Haak. His two best friends from our neighborhood in Lehi.
Bottom photo is of my friend Christie's kids and Aaron.

Christie, Leslie, Corinne
These two have been such great friends to me. Thank you girls... I love you and I miss you.

Aaron Jr with his cousin Evelyn. She just turned one... can you believe her amazing hair? Aaron Jr LOVES playing with Evelyn. He treats her like a little sister.

Aaron was watching TV and I went downstairs to do something and when I came back upstairs... this is how I found him. SO funny.

When my brother and his family were here from Oregon for Christmas, Aaron went out with their kids to play in the snow. I love when he has kids to play with in the snow... I hate the snow. :)

Luke and Aaron painting at the counter.
Benny in his make shift snow pants... plastic with paper clippy things holding his coat and the plastic together. :)
Lily playing on the floor, with Angus and Michael wearing my cowboy hats very... interestingly.

Luke and Aaron painting at the counter. These are the paints that Aaron got from his cousin Isaac.

Aaron Jr loves the attention he gets from uncles and older boy cousins... he seems to crave attention from male figures. So here he is getting attention from Uncle Spencer, my brother the night before they went back to Oregon.
Little Spencer playing with a Christmas toy in the bottom left.
My brother Nairn and the cake I made for his birthday. :)

It was a very busy couple of months... these are some of our random times. These past couple of months have been full of ups, downs, this way, and that way... it has been a roller coaster, to say the least.
Thank you to everyone who has made things seem a little easier and a little lighter for us. We love you all.

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Kristi said...

Those were fun to see. What a busy end of the year. Now come up and relax. Hurry.

Tawnie said...

great moments. Love you les.

Haley said...

Love the pic of all the kids digging into the cake. What a fun Mom you are!!

Rhitzclan said...

Too cute! Some great pics Ell. Love ya!

partypatt said...

Hey Leslie, small world....I am Haak's preschool teacher and also taught Axel a couple of years ago! I feel like I know Christie's family really well! So I thought I'd mention it!

Happy New Year!

Scott / Lori said...

Wow you have been busy! Those are some great pictures. Happy Birthday to Aaron. Can you believe he and Lily are already four? I sure am glad they miss the cut-off for school next year and we get to keep them for a bit longer. Love you!