Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Recipe Society

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The Recipe Society

I have loads of friends who love to cook / bake, so I thought I would share this link. Just click on The Recipe Society blog button above.
This is a blog that my sisters / sisters in law and a couple of friends have started and contribute recipes to. They are recipes that are tried and true. The only recipes that get contributed to the blog are ones that we have made for our families and they go in if they were a hit. It is a really fun blog and I wanted to share it. It has amazing recipes and will continue to have more amazing recipes as time goes on.

If anyone is interested in taking a button for their own blog... you can take one from the sidebar on The Recipe Society blog. Please take one so that you can share our blog with your friends and family. All you have to do is copy the HTML code underneath the blog button in the sidebar and paste the HTML code to your sidebar.

And if anyone tries any of the recipes OR if you have any questions about any of the recipes, please feel free to comment on The Recipe Society blog. Your questions will be answered as soon as possible and you can let us all know how you enjoyed it.

Happy Cooking !

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LL said...

I'm going to check it out, thanksfor sharing.

Haley said...

Awesome! I love finding new recipes? Have you ever looked at the "bunch of cooks" blog. It's great too.

Rebecca_Adams said...

I love your recipe blog that you're doing with your sisters and sisters-in-law! I've printed out a few recipes from the blog, but haven't tried any yet. Hopefully I will try them soon!

Valeri said...

I have looked at that blog before, and am excited to try some stuff out! Thanks for sharing. I am doing a recipe exchange with some friends right now. Each month there's a different theme. People submit recipes to me that fit the theme, and at the end of the month I organize everything into a word document and email it out. The one and only rule is all recipes submitted must be recipes that have been tried at least once and absolutely loved! If you're interested let me know. We are just wrapping up January's theme: Crock Pot Meals, and I think we're up to 17 pages! Recipes are so fun, aren't they?

Hope you're doing well!

Allred Mom said...

Thank you! I love other peoples favorite recipes! Thanks for sharing the site!

Brandi said...

Oh you know that we love baking! We will for sure add it to our blogs. Hey I know you run, and a bunch of us are running SLC 1/2 Marathon if you would like to join 'TEAM CRY BABY' because this year we are running for therapy!

christa said...

sweet post on little Evan Aaron. We are just loving him to death. I'm glad you got to see him too, because he has already changed so much! He had a check up today and has already gained over a pound! He's such a sweet guy and I love all the pictures you took!

Kate, Alek, Hank, and Cash (RIP RED) said...

I love that blog there are so many great ideas for cooking, Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on your blog a week or two ago and read the entire thing clear back to the beginning. I was consumed with your story. You are a strong woman~ I found myself asking if I would have that same strength if I were to lose my husband. I have to ask, and know I probably shouldn't, but what caused Aaron's death?