Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bear Lake 2010

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Aaron Jr and Leslie

We went to Bear Lake in the middle of July. Carrie was kind enough to host us all in her family's cabin. It is so nice and it was so nice of her to let us come up there with her for some fun in the sun. Some of us friends had been planning to take our kids and have a few days there. Fewer people than we thought ended up being able to go, so I invited my sister, Lisa, and her kids to join us since she knows the friends who were going. It was fun having a sister along with friends. It was such a fun trip. We had a blast playing on the beach and chit chatting with the gals. I obviously took too many photos again, but at least I narrowed it down as much as I did... enjoy... or not...

Here is who came along: Aly (top corner, she had to leave before this photo was taken), Carrie (holding Riley), Lisa (holding Henry), Leslie (ME), Rori, Kerianne

...and here are our kids:

Aly's kids: Parker and Jamison

Carrie's kids: Kinzie, Easton, Cameron, Riley

Lisa's kids: Caroline, Hannah, Elise, Stella, Angus, Henry

My sweet kid: Aaron Jr.

Rori's kids: Marley and Carson

Kerianne's kids: Brighton and Bode

Stella and Aaron Jr.

Aaron found this frame a couple of days before we left and there was a photo in it of Aaron and Me from when we were dating. He opened up the frame and asked me for a photo of him and he put the photo of him in front of our photo. Then he packed it into his stuff he was bringing to Bear Lake, then as soon as we got to the cabin, we took our stuff to our room and he unpacked that framed photo and asked where he should put it. I showed him the window sill and he was pleased to have it there. I thought that was SO cute.

Caroline and Stella

Kerianne and her boys.


Stella and Aaron Jr.

Me trying to calm a crying Henry. He is such a sweet baby. I just love him.

Aaron Jr.

Hannah, Elise, Stella, Caroline, Aaron Jr.

Aaron and Stella played so much together out in the sand and in the water. It was fun to watch them.

Caroline, Hannah, Elise

Aaron Jr.

Hannah and Elise

Top: Lisa swinging Angus. He kept saying 'again, again'. He was having a blast.
Bottom: Aaron and Leslie

Top: Kinzie, Caroline, Parker, Jamison and their sand castle they built.
Bottom: Cameron and Easton building... something. :)

Trying to be artistic. Blue bucket on sand. ;)

Angus and Henry

Aaron Jr.

Top: Aaron Jr, Angus, Henry, Stella
Bottom: view from the back patio of the cabin with one of the twins (Hannah or Elise), Aaron Jr, Angus, Henry, Stella

Making dinner in the cabin.

Aaron Jr.

Aaron Jr.

Leslie and Aaron Jr.

Thanks gals. And thanks Carrie for hosting. It was so much fun.

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Amberly said...

I like the blue bucket on the sand! and the trip looks like a blast.

Kristi said...

That lake looks so utterly inviting as I sit here in the heat. It looks like everyone had a great time.

Lisa said...

great posting? perfect assortment of pictures. :) thanks for being the trip historian. love you.

Lisa said...

i meant 'great posting!'

April said...

I LOVE Bear Lake! Looks like you had great fun!

kerianne said...

Ahh... that was the life. Thanks Carrie!

Anonymous said...

that is a beautiful lake. do you have alligators in your lakes? we have them here in texas. really large ones.
looks like you all had a great time. nice to see all those smiles!! :)
take care and Blessing to you,