Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Family Reunion ~ 2010

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This is our family. My parents with their kids and grandkids. In the bottom corner, I put those members of our family who were not able to be present at the reunion.
In no particular order, here are loads of photos from our family reunion at Harris Pond in Idaho.

Aaron Jr and Luke

Aaron with his winter gloves that he found in the car. Who even knows? :)

The dinner crew. John R, Richard, Kara, Lisa, Leslie, Karey, Jared

Aaron and Luke

Someone took some pieces of wood and started drumming on the metal fire pit thingy and it soon became quite the family affair. Pretty soon it was a full blown drumming music session. It was neat.

Aaron and Me.

Me and Aaron. He couldn't get enough of the canoes.

This is the little train that they have to take people for rides. The kids all had a blast on this... and obviously, so did the adults.

Leslie, Stella, Aaron

Sam and Aaron

This is around the campfire at night. There was laughing, dramatic singing, and roasting of marshmallows and starburst. :)

The annual races. Age groups line up and race against each other. This age group running was for ages 3 and 4. Aaron still doesn't understand competition. He was happy to just run to me... but not as fast as he can. :)

I can't remember why Aaron had a hold of my leg and wouldn't let go. But it was pretty funny and cute.

Aaron and I had so much fun in the canoe together.

* * *

Karey & Travis's kids: Bruce, Veronica, Savannah, Joseph

Richard & Kara's kids: Richard, Nathan, Sarah, David, Matthew, Kristina

Robert & Teresa's kid: Zachary

Lorianne & Scott's kids: Julia, Anna, Sophie, Lily, Michael

John & Tawnie's kids: John, Emily, Thomas, Jack, Samuel, Leah

Lisa & John's kids: Caroline, Hannah, Elise, Stella, Angus, Henry

Leslie & Aaron's kid: Aaron Jr.

Spencer & Kristi's kids: Spencer, Luke, Benjamin, Lila, (with #5 on the way)

Mark & Suzy's kid: Evelyn, (with #2 on the way)

My parents and all of their grandkids.

Aaron and Luke
This is how we all felt at the end of those two SUPER fun days together. Gotta love being with family! It was a wonderful reunion. Can't wait for next year. Thanks everyone! Love you all!

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LL said...

those pictures where so fun to look at. I love seeing the faces of all the kids.
What a fun reunion!! You guys have such an awesome family.

Tawnie said...

great pictures. I love the colage of kids. So cute!! Of every one of them. I love it. Thanks for doing that.
Love you Leslie!

Lisa said...

great pictures! i love the collages of the kids and think you should make that a tradition. how fun. you must have ben up LATE. love you!

Kristi said...

I am glad others were able to get good pictures. I literally have only 5 pictures of our whole trip, all of which were at the reunion because our camera battery died.
I call you are the family documentarian.
Oh, by the way, the tv didn't make it to your house because we forgot. Who's coming up next? We need to check to see if they will have extra room in their vehicle for the tv. Sorry. We are forgetful and lame.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful family you have. great pictures.

Karey said...

What great pictures. Thanks, Leslie. If you don't mind, I wouldn't mind snagging the ones of my kids and the big family one for my blog.

It's amazing to me how many really beautiful children our family has been blessed with. I know I sound biased (and I am)but seriously, what beautiful kids.