Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Random June

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The month began with us still in Oregon visiting Spencer and Kristi's family.

We were playing in their driveway one evening and I noticed my shadow. Ridiculous, right? Aaron Jr is in the top left corner.

After we got home from Oregon, we met some of our friends from Lehi at The Gateway in Salt Lake for lunch and playtime in the fountains there.
Aaron, Haak, Axel, Breeze

Haak and Aaron. Aaron calls Haak his best friend. They are great pals.

Their mom Christie and Me. My great friend from Lehi.

This is Aaron Jr on Fathers Day. Aaron wanted to wear his shirt that has him and Daddy on the front. He also wore the belt that Aaron bought for him right before he died. It is finally fitting him properly. I taught him how to do the sign for 'I love you' last year and he does it all the time to me. It is so sweet. I love this boy.

I found this shell on the beach in Oregon. We left it on the headstone for Aaron for our Fathers Day visit. He loved the ocean.

I went to check on Aaron one day and found that he was watching TV and had set up his small DVD player for one of his stuffed animals to watch with a kids show on it. It was so funny.

Aaron trying to put the belt on by himself. ~ Aaron found some clothes that I had put away for him until they fit him better and wanted to wear them. He got himself dressed in this photo. Does he look like a gangster? Hmmm... :) ~ Riding a toy horse at Grandpa and Grandma's house.

Nairn and Maria's four youngest kids came over one Saturday after their mom went into labor. We watched them while their parents were at the hospital. Here they are eating popsicles out on the curb.

And here is Nairn and Maria's family with their new babe, Colin.

Aaron, Brighton, Bode jumping on the 'jumpoline', which is what Aaron calls it.

While John and Lisa's family were out of town, Aaron and I got to go and feed Shayla each day. We always have a great time helping to take care of her. We got into a bind one day and I had to call and ask my sister Lori to go over with her kids to feed her. Thanks Lori for doing that on such short notice.

Kerianne, Brighton, and Bode came with us one day to feed the horse. We all had fun feeding her apples and carrots.

Me helping the kids.

Aaron Jr and Me feeding Shayla. She is such a beautiful horse. We love her. Thanks for letting us help to take care of her, John and Lisa. Hope your trip was fun.

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Rhitzclan said...

Well if THOSE aren't the longest legs I've EVER seen! =) Cute pics!!

Kristi said...

I can't believe June has come and gone. Glad we could be apart of your June. Hope you are all settled and that things are going well.
Love you lots.

Lisa said...

thanks for feeding shayla. i wish we could do a do-over for june. the summer is going by so fast and i'm sick about sending my kids (including stella) to school. forget the 'easy' button...i want a 'pause' button. by the way-what kid's show is the bear watching? it looks REALLY entertaining.

partypatt said...

I loved the pictures of Aaron with Haak, Axel and Breeze. It's so cute that Aaron says Haak is his best friend, because everybody in our class this year wanted to be Haak's best friend, too! He's very easy to get along with!

Aaron is so cute in all the pictures. You've got a real charmer on your hands.

Hope the rest of your summer is great!