Thursday, September 9, 2010

'Doogal' ~ Its What Fun Is

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We went to LAGOON in August. No matter how many times Aaron Jr hears the name Lagoon, he always calls it DOOGAL. I think it is cute, so I never correct him. It was a lot of fun. Robert and Teresa had discount passes and invited us to go with them. We are grateful. Aaron Jr is finally tall enough for almost all of the rides. It is kindof amazing. He is only four and he is tall enough to go on most of the adult rides... and he loved all but two of them. Here we are on Wicked. It is one of the funnest rides at Lagoon. I think it was our first ride that day and Aaron Jr didn't really know what he was in for. He was just excited to be there. After he went on it that one time, he decided he didn't need to go on it again. :)

The two of us.

Robert and Teresa and Zach also invited Caroline, Hannah, and Elise... then Kristina came as well because she has a season pass.

Robert, Teresa, Zach, and Aaron. Then Kristina and Richard, who met us later after work.

Teresa & Caroline ; Kristina & Caroline ; Hannah & Elise ; Aaron & Zach

Tilt A Whirl is one of our favorite rides at Lagoon. I can always count on Aaron looking like this through the whole ride. LOVE IT.

Teresa & Leslie ; Teresa & Aaron & Leslie

Caroline, Kristina, Elise, Hannah, Aaron, Zach

Zach & Elise & Hannah ; Our cousin's wife Maureen met us there with her kids ; Hannah & Elise

Leslie & Aaron ~ this is us on the swings ride. For some reason, that one always freaks me out, and yet I still get on it every time. I think I forget how much it scares me. And now that I have Aaron, it freaks me out even more because I am so afraid he is going to fall out. This time around, my nephew David was next to us and he was twisting in his chair... Aaron Jr kept laughing at him and kicking his legs with excitement and I was so afraid for Aaron's life, I was completely frozen with fear. I don't think I have ever felt so frozen with fear in my life. One of my hands was over his hand, then my other hand was holding on for dear life... and I was so frozen, I couldn't even move my head to look at Aaron Jr next to me. I was FROZEN with fear. I just kept telling Aaron to stop moving and stop laughing. I was SURE we were both going to die. But because I was so worried about HIM, that is why I was so frozen. I will stop talking about it now, but it was so strange to be that scared for someone else's life.

More of Richard's family (Kara, David, and Matthew) met us there that night.

The kids.

The biggest roller coaster there is called the Colossus. It is one of my faves from when I was younger. I remember coming to Lagoon with my sister and our cousins once and it was almost close, so the line to this coaster was super short. We kept running back and getting right onto the ride and we rode it 26 times in a row. FUN. We were able to convince Aaron to go on it with me twice this night.

The first time, Aaron didn't know what he was in for on the Colossus, but the second time... I think it was his older cousins who were able to get him to think it was really cool to go on it again. So he came with me reluctantly. Then when we went on it in the light the next time we went, again he didn't realize what ride it was and in the daylight, there was no convincing him to go on it again... I think he didn't like being able to see what was happening in the daylight. :) He was so brave though.

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So that daylight ride on the Colossus took place when we bounced back a couple of weeks later. That is where you can go back within a certain amount of time for just $10.00. It was great!

Aaron, Teresa, & Zach. They love this ride. Aaron kept blowing kisses to me as he would pass by me. Teresa was holding on to him for dear life. :) Thanks Teresa.

Leslie, Aaron, Caroline

Here are a few more photos of Aaron when we were standing in line that first night. I think he was a little tired... or just sick of the camera. But what a cutie!

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Kristi said...

"It's what fun is"
I always had a season pass growing up, but I don't think I have gone and ridden (rode?...those are both wrong right?) rides since 9th grade. We took the older two boys when they were little and they could only ride the kiddie rides. Selfishly it was lame. We weren't able to ride anything. They have added quite a few fun rides since 9th grade. I want to go sometime...maybe when ALL the kids are older. I will put it in the 10 year plan :).