Friday, September 3, 2010

Random July

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Another haircut for Aaron Jr. I hadn't planned to go that short this time, but he sure is handsome no matter what. :)

One of Aaron's best friends (and my friend), Dan, asked me if I wanted to take some photos of him at the beginning of July. He wanted to have some to give his grandparents and his parents. Here are a few more of my favorite shots.

Aaron Jr with his new 'build a bear' horse, Wyatt. Then Aaron Jr with Dan's horse.

Tawnie asked me to take a few photos of Leah for her announcement photo. This one was the best one we got in the few minutes we had. She is so precious and beautiful. I like how it turned out.

24th of July (Pioneer Day) fireworks. They were amazing.

At the Farmer's Market where I work, Lisa brought her kids to walk around with me for a bit. Aaron Jr and Stella being very grown up and ordering their snow cones all by themselves. They are pros.

Mmm... I want one right now. They are so delicious.

A friend of mine was going through a tough time and I wanted to cheer her up, so I found a perfectly oval rock and painted it for her. I have a rock that I painted like this that says 'be happy' that I painted a long time ago that I have sitting on one of my shelves... it makes me smile when I look at it, so I thought this might help her to smile.
If she reads this... I hope she knows that I love her and I hope she is doing great.
(photos taken with my camera phone are never great quality... but oh well)

This brings me to the end of my post for July... so now everyone...


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Kristi said...

Looks like July was full of fun things. Aren't you due for a visit. We'll have to discuss if it is even possible for you.
Aaron only has one more year of fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants traveling (during the school year that is). Might as well visit us a bunch.

Leslie said...

i agree. we are totally due for a visit. aren't you due to have a baby? :)