Friday, January 7, 2011

Random December ~ 2010

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My handsome boy who needs a haircut. :)

Grandma with Angus, Stella, Michael, Aaron, and Lily
Grandma was making cinnamon rolls and let the kids make their own pan of small cinnamon rolls. Mmm...

and here it is... another haircut so handsome.

Lisa was in an operetta at the beginning of December called 'Ahmal and the Night Visitors'. It was really good. The girls sang before it started as prelude. Julia, Caroline, Hannah, Elise, Anna, Stella, Lily, and Sophie were all in this group.

Here they are: Caroline, Anna, Julia, Elise, Hannah, Sophie, Lily, Stella
cute girls

Lisa on the left in the operetta. She did great.

Ava and Malia ~ Sophia cute girls

Uncle Robert wrestling with Aaron, Luke, and Benny

Taking a rest.

Luke and Aaron Jr. ~ great pals.

My Mom with her newest grandchild, Andrew.

Aaron Jr in Grandpa's big boots.

Spencer, Luke, Benny, Aaron Jr ~ feeding Shayla.

Shayla, Benny, Spencer, Luke, Aaron Jr.

In one of his prayers recently, Aaron Jr prayed:
"bless when I am bigger, I can play with dangerous things."

It cracked me up. It came after I was going through a box and came across some of Aaron's pocket knives. Aaron Jr wanted them and I told them they were dangerous and he could have them when he was older. This little boy makes me laugh... always.

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Mindy said...

I loved reading about all the little tidbits that made up your wonderful December! Thank you for sharing!

Kristi said...

cute randomness.