Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sledding ~ 2011

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I am one who loves the beauty of snow, but hates the cold weather that accompanies it. So, I am not the most fun mom in the world when it comes to winter outdoor activities... but I try to make sure to take Aaron Jr sledding at least once a year. I am glad the Harkness family decided to go on New Years Day.

My brave little boy. Aaron Jr could not get enough. He loved going down by himself so much, it seemed like a burden for him when he was asked to go WITH someone. Other years, I have been able to go down with him loads of times, but he is getting older... more brave... and he wanted to go alone. I got him to go with me a couple of times, but besides those couple of times, the only want to go down with him was to get another sled and go down beside him. I took what I could get. :) I was proud of him. He was so brave.

Aaron Jr with Isaac

Aaron Jr. carrying his sled back up the hill.

Me with Aaron Jr on separate sledding vessels. :) At least he let me hold his hand on the way down. :)

We went really far that time down. So much fun.

The Harkness Family who attended.

Grandma and Grandpa Harkness

Aaron Jr.

What a handsome boy I've got.

My nephew, Nathan, who is serving a mission over in Finland sent this hat to Aaron Jr for Christmas. Aaron loves it. It was so thoughtful of Nathan to send it. Thanks Nate.

One of our times down the hill together, Aaron drew a heart in the snow and told me that it was a heart for me. I didn't have my camera with me on the way down, so he drew me another one later and I took this photo.

I don't know what I have done to deserve such a sweet boy. He is my JOY and I love him so much.

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