Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ode on Vacation in Canada

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In June 2004, Aaron, Ode, and I drove up through the Canadian Rockies with some of my family. It is a vacation that our family has loved to take and I wanted to share it with Aaron. I am so glad he got to see the beauty up through there. I put this photo in this posting again because it was on that vacation in Montana before crossing over into Canada.

There were so many more photos of this trip, but these are a few of the great ones with Ode.

One 'funny' story regarding Ode on this trip was when we were trying to cross over the border into Canada. They asked us if we had any papers or tags to prove that Ode was up to date on his vaccinations. We didn't, so they wouldn't let us cross over into Canada with the rest of our family who were all caravanning. So, we had to drive to the nearest town and try our hardest to find a vet who was still open to get Ode vaccinated, so that we could get into Canada to meet up with my family. Well, no vet's were open, so we drove through several small towns trying to figure out what to do... finally, we stopped for dinner at a little diner and we talked to the people there and they gave us a number to the local vet. So we called and told her our situation and asked if she would meet us and help us out. She didn't seem happy about it at all, but agreed anyway. We were grateful. After we got Ode vaccinated, the place where we had tried to cross the border before was closed, so we had to drive a while out of the way to get to one that was open. Because it was so late, we had to go into the border place to talk to the officials there and not one time did they ask any questions about Ode. They never asked about vaccinations or even seemed to care that he was with us... it made our work to get him vaccinated seem like it was all for nothing, but oh well... we were finally across the border and drove the couple of hours west to get to where my family was. They were all asleep in their tents, so we pitched ours and went to bed. That was that and Ode was with us and I am glad. :)

Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada

Athabasca Glacier in the Colombian Ice Fields in Jasper National Park, Canada

Ode was in his element. He LOVES to jump and catch snow balls in his mouth.

Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park, Canada

Down below Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park, Canada

Peyto Lake in Banff National Park, Canada

I don't remember where this was, but we came across this and everyone was taking photos of people in these... so when my parents stepped up to have a photo, someone had the idea to hold Ode up to it. Just one of the family... :)

At the Paint Pots in Kootenay National Park, Canada

Hiking back down from the paint pots.

Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, Canada
Ode even loved to fetch rocks. This is him standing at attention waiting for Aaron to throw the next rock.

Ode in anticipation...
This photo is a bit over exposed, but I still love it. It is one of my favorite photos of Ode. He is standing in the water and waiting for Aaron to throw another rock or stick into the water so that he can swim out to look for it. It was a lake sitting at the bottom of a glacier, but Ode didn't care how cold the water was, he LOVED to swim and fetch rocks and sticks. Doesn't he just look so excited? I love this photo. This is the pose that Ode was in so often because we played fetch with him so much. It was so much fun.

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Karey said...

Wow! Lots of great pictures. Looks like Ode (and the rest of you) had lots of fun. It's so beautiful there. I want to go back!

Courtney Curt said...

This post and the previous post were so sweet about your dog. Very touching. I never really owned a pet growing up, so I always thought it was weird that people would get so sad when an animal died, UNTIL we got a beautiful, sweet, fun puppy last year. We knew she was growing to be a great dog. When at only 3 months old, she was attacked by a mean neighborhood dog, and she died. I bawled for a week. I had no idea until then you could love a pet so much. Anyway, I loved those two posts of your dog.