Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Uncle David

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This is my Uncle David, he is my Dad's younger brother.

Two days ago, on Easter Sunday, while we were celebrating Christ's victory over death, my Uncle David passed away. It was a bitter sweet day as we remembered what our Savior did for all of us and then as our Uncle left this life sooner than any of us expected. He was 67 years old.

Uncle David was the most talented person I have ever known when it came to the world of music. Not only was he a singer, a songwriter, but he was a master on the piano and other musical instruments. He was the creator of The Professional Chord System, which teaches even beginners how to play the piano using the chord method.

Uncle David has always been very witty as well. No matter what, Uncle David could make you laugh while also making you feel important and while sharing words of wisdom.

He is one of my Dad's brothers, but has also always been a great friend to him as well. They have always been really close.

Uncle David and his wife, Aunt Louise had just completed serving a one year mission at the Missionary Training Center and were preparing to serve a full time mission.

In January, he went in to the doctor because of a cough that had been bothering him. At the doctor, they found a tumor in his kidney, which was soon removed. Up until a couple of days before he passed away, he still seemed healthy and all of us thought he would still be with us for months, if not years.

We were all surprised to find out that he had taken a turn for the worse last Saturday. It felt a little urgent that if we wanted to see him again, we needed to go that day. So some of us had the opportunity to visit him last Saturday and tell him how much we love him. Even that day when he was in so much pain, you could tell that he was still so aware and mindful of those he loves. As I held his hand and made sure he knew it was me, he asked me, "Are you having hope and JOY?" I told him that I was and told him that I love him. I don't know if he asked that question to anyone else that day, I didn't hear him ask it... but when he asked me that I could feel that he cared and truly does want me to have hope and JOY.

The next day, Easter Sunday, we got the phone call letting us know that Uncle David had passed away peacefully surrounded by his family.

I know what it is like to lose a friend, a grandparent, a brother, and even a husband, but I do not know yet what it is like to lose a parent... and my heart is breaking for my Aunt and my cousins.

Of course losing someone close always makes us want to hold our loved ones a little closer and share our love for them a little more freely.

Uncle David is sorely missed already and we love him so much.
We love their family and we pray for them and for all who are grieving at this time.

Sidenote: Today, April 26th, is the anniversary of my brother Bruce's death. We are remembering and missing him so much today. It is comforting to know that Uncle David and Bruce have had a JOYous reunion. And I will end here because I can't stop crying... :) We all know that crying is not a bad thing though.

We miss you Uncle David. Thank you for caring so much about us all. We love you.

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LL said...

Very sweet. I'm sorry...you certainly have had more than your share of heartache in the family. He sounds like an amazing man.

Kristi said...

I too am in tears. He was such a good, positive man. You can tell this by the wonderful children he and Louise raised.
I wish I could come to the funeral.

Allred Mom said...

I'm so sorry! May you continue to find comfort in the Savior as you go through another loss in your family. Hugs to you!

Leslie said...
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snarchibald said...

THanks Leslie. THis was nice to read. NOw I am crying again too. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Leslie, I am sorry for your loss. I will keep you and your fmaily in my prayers and close to my heart. Hugs.