Thursday, April 7, 2011

Road Trip

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Me, Aaron Jr, Kerianne

This is old news, I guess I have been a little bit of a slacker at blogging in the month of March. At the end of February, Aaron Jr and I were heading up to Oregon again to see Spencer and Kristi's family. It is not the funnest thing in the world to drive the 12 hours without someone else to talk to... to help stay awake. (Aaron Jr sleeps most of the time in the car... or is watching a movie). Anyhow, I knew that Kerianne's sister lives in Portland, so I asked Kerianne if she wanted to ride along and go to Portland and then fly home after visiting her sister. It became a plan. We were originally going to go up and spend a couple of days in that area and make a little side trip out of it, but time was too crunched, so we left on a Friday morning, drove the 9 or 10 hours and got to Hood River, Oregon which is just outside of Portland. Kerianne had booked a hotel room in that little town so that we could hike up to a waterfall the next morning. The hotel was nice and it was awesome being able to relax for the entire evening in the hotel room watching movies and snacking.

Aaron Jr and me.
The next morning, we got up, had a nice breakfast provided by the hotel and then asked for a late check out so that we could watch the BYU / San Diego State basketball game (yes, I'm a BYU fan). Then we checked out and walked behind the hotel to see the beautiful river and scenery. That is where these first four photos are from.

Me and Kerianne

Aaron Jr and a snowman that he wanted to take a photo of. Someone had built it there at the hotel.

Multnomah Falls

The beautiful Multnomah Falls. The left side if the upper falls. The right side is the lower falls.

Me, Aaron Jr, Kerianne at the lower falls.

Aaron Jr.

Me and Aaron Jr.
This photo sure looks different than the photo that was taken last July in this same spot. See it in THIS posting.
It is one of the last photos in the posting...

Peek-a-boo from Aaron Jr.

Another little waterfall on the hike up to the big waterfall.

LOVE the green moss growing everywhere. Me with Aaron Jr.

This tree had a hole in the center of it and it had filled with water, then frozen into ice. The leaf frozen in the ice looks pretty cool. This could be a little skating rink for a mouse. (I know, cheesy)

Me with Kerianne at the upper falls.

Some mossy trees and rocks.

Aaron Jr at the upper falls.

On the hike up, I saw this trash can and the letters TR were not there anymore... so when I saw the word ASH, it reminded me of Aaron because he would sometimes talk about how his initials spelled the word ASH... Aaron Sverre Harkness. So, I pointed it out to Aaron Jr because he has the same initials and he wanted a photo taken with it.

Amazing ice around it.

Kerianne, Me, Aaron Jr.

Aaron Jr on the cool stairs... while we waited for hot chocolate... it was bitter cold.

The road trippers... we had a great time for the 32 (or so) hours that we were all together... in the car and in the hotel and at the water fall.

Thanks for going with us Kerianne and for the hotel room. She didn't have to end up flying, her sister had borrowed their mom's car, so Kerianne drove it home for her mom after visiting her sister.

After we dropped Kerianne off at her sister Gina's house, Aaron Jr and I began the 4 hour drive down from Portland to Medford...

More to come...

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