Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ode ~ Part of the Family

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Camping at Yuba Lake.

Horseback riding with Aaron and Shayla.

Horseback riding with Aaron, ME, and Shayla.

Even joined us on the boat.

Family Photo on the day of Aaron Jr's baby blessing.
Ode with Aaron Jr and Shayla.
Aaron and Ode.
Aaron giving Aaron Jr a ride with Ode running behind.

Just after snow shoveling.

I took over giving Ode his summer hair cuts after Aaron passed away.

Ode with a hair cut.

Aaron Jr and I took over giving Ode baths as well.

Ode came to the park with us all the time.
Aaron could get him to do things that no one else could.
Such as...

Sliding down the slide.

Or jumping down the slide. I LOVE this photo.
This was taken just a few weeks before Aaron passed away.

Or even riding with Aaron Jr on the playground equipment. :)

And this one just a few weeks before Aaron passed away.
Last family photo with Ode and Aaron in it.

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