Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sledding ~ 2012

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We got out kinda late in the day, so there had already been a huge amount of people on the hill... hence the reason the grass is showing through in so many spots. Aaron Jr is heading down a patch of grass towards a snow jump. Wasn't really working for him. :)


Aaron sure does love sledding.

This tree kept dropping snow down my neck...
looking up at it was so beautiful.

Adorable Aaron.

Hannah, Elise, Caroline, Julia,
Lily, Lori, Stella, Henry, Lisa,
Michael, Scott, Angus, Anna, Sophie,
Julia and Jack the dog.

I had to do a daredevil stunt...
to be the 'cool' aunt, of course.

I tried twice. And I biffed it... twice. :)
BUT, I am sure I looked graceful all the while. ;)

Gus, Michael, and Aaron making snow angels.
Can you see 'em? Its kinda tough.

Aaron and his snow angel.

It was sure a fun day. What made it better was when the sun would shine down on us...
I hate to be cold, so my favorite winter day is a day with beautiful snow on the ground, with the sun shining down on us. It was like that.
All of my outdoor winter goals have now been met this year...
we build a snowman... check.
we went sledding... check.
Done and Done.
Oh wait... Aaron Jr has wanted to go out and have a proper snowball fight...
we have only had a couple of weak ones so far, so I guess I still need to have a proper snowball fight with Aaron Jr. THEN, our winter will be complete.

* * *


John said...

That snow is pathetic. I am really looking forward to spring but I wouldn't complain if we got dumped on right before. What a winter.
Looks like a great trip. Just one thing is missing....US!!!!!
maybe next time??
Love ya.

Tracie said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun!

Andrea said...

I'm glad you managed to go sledding while there was snow. My oldest keeps bugging me about going sledding, I hope we make it this year. :-)