Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ode & Sheila

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Ode : pronounced 'Odie' ... :)
This is a posting full of photos that I love... I would not be me if I did not include way too many photos... again. Aaron just looked too cute in all of these photos. :) These were more photos from February.

Stella & Aaron Jr.

Big Hugs.
Whenever Aaron went out of town, Ode would get depressed and he would not eat. When Aaron got home each day, he would be waiting by the door and was always so excited. Ode was loyal to Aaron. You could tell that Aaron was Ode's best friend and he loved Aaron so much. Aaron also loved Ode so much. Aaron often talked about Ode being a child of his. He loved Ode so much that when we were at the Snake river one time, there were dogs running loose and some were getting pretty close to some cliffs by the river. It was a dangerous area and I asked Aaron what he would do if Ode were there and if Ode fell in. Without even thinking, he said he would jump in after him. It was not even a question for him. Aaron's love for Ode made it so it was very easy for me to fall in love with Ode as well when I met him.
Because of this bond between them, when Aaron passed away, I was sure that Ode would not survive long because this time, Aaron would not be coming home. Not only is Ode at least 13 or 14 years old, but he has also almost completely lost his hearing in the past year... so, I am surprised he is still here, but of course we are so happy he is still here. He seems more sad these past couple of years than he seems happy, but we love him so much. He brings a lot of joy to us and a lot of joy to the rest of Aaron's family.
We sure love him.
Thanks to Aaron's parents for giving Ode a home now since we cannot right now. They love him and he loves being there.


Sheila : pronounced 'Shayla' ... :)
I am not sure why Aaron picked to use spellings that did not go with the pronunciation. :) It's kinda funny.

Elise & Aaron Jr.

More Big Hugs.

Sheila and Aaron also had a bond. Aaron went all the way to Oklahoma with his friend to get her. His friend Austin also got a horse on that trip. When Aaron first got Sheila, he told me that she had not been ridden for a long time. She was a hyper horse and was difficult to control at first. He would not let me ride her when he first got her because it made him nervous and did not feel it was safe enough. Aaron had been around horses so much... he was a pro from the first time I saw him with her. The first time I saw him ride her, I was amazed at the control and the speed at which he was riding her. I had never seen someone ride a horse that fast in real life. It was exciting. One thing Sheila has always loved to do ever since Aaron got her was RUN. He could tell that she just loved to run. It was almost like she was bored just walking around. After Aaron passed away, my brother in law John had a vet come out and take a look at her. When he was looking inside her mouth, he found a number tattooed in her mouth, so the vet said that she must have been a race horse at one time. It made total sense. She is so fast and the love she has for running... it just made sense. Aaron loved Shayla and you could tell they had a mutual respect for each other. I think that is why Aaron was so good at his job at the ranch for troubled teens. He was an equine therapist there... he adored that job. We love Sheila.

Thanks again to John and Lisa for taking her for us. She is loved and cared for very well.

This is actually the day that I saw Aaron ride Sheila for the first time. I was on his friend Justin's horse. But Aaron amazed me with the speed he and Sheila had. I loved it. And there is Ode between us... always loved chasing after them.

Aaron Jr LOVES this dog and this horse. He feels such a bond with these animals. I'm sure it is because they remind him of his Daddy. He talks about them so much. We love them.

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Mindy said...

Great post! That's so neat that Sheila might've been a race horse. What a past! :)

Claire said...

Beautiful animals!

Ranisa said...

I am a stranger....but I wanted you to know what an inspiration your blog is. Thanks for keeping it public and letting us see it. Would you believe that your dog looks just like my dog??? We love our dog! Do you know what kind of dog it is? We want another one, but we arn't for sure what Chevy is. We think Kalpie maybe? If you know can you email me and let me know. Thank you THANK YOU!!!