Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy 70th, Mom & Dad !

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My parents' birthdays are about a month and a half apart and they were born the same year. So, this year they both are turning 70 years old.
Thanks for hosting cake and ice cream, John and Tawnie.

Tawnie and John put together a surprise birthday party for our parents at Texas Roadhouse for all of the adults in the family. They were truly surprised and it was fun to see how happy they were to have us all together to celebrate their birthdays.

This is Mom and Dad. It is hard for me to believe they turn 70 years old this year. To me, they still seem so young and like they can still do anything and everything. I feel like they still have more energy than I do. I look to my parents as 'the strong ones' in the family. They are the glue that holds our family together. The accomplishments they have had throughout their lives are many, but they still don't seem old enough to have lived long enough to have all of those accomplishments. Parents are supposed to live forever, right? I cannot imagine the day coming when one or both of my parents will be gone. The thought makes me sick, so I won't dwell on that for too long. But it does seem like that day will never come because I cannot imagine life without my parents around.

They have 11 children, 10 sons and daughters in law, 43 grandchildren and counting, 48 years of marriage, 70 years of age. These are just some of the extraordinary things that they have lived to see in their lives. They are also extremely loyal and loving to their family. They have been strong through many trials in their lives, which include but are not limited to: the death of siblings, parents, and even one of their own sons when he was just 16 years old. They have endured these trials with faith and have been a strength to those around them through these hardships. They continue to worry about and cheer on all of us in our family as we all now face the challenges and hardships of mortality. They help to strengthen us all and they are always there to offer help and support when needed. The do so much for all of us. They both love the Lord with all of their hearts and serve Him in whatever capacity they can with all their hearts, might, minds and strength. They have been brilliant examples to all of us. I am truly grateful to be blessed to have them as my parents, and as the grandparents of my son.

Happy Birthday, Mom and Dad! Thanks for everything! We love you so much.

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Kristi said...

Amen. Great people. We love them. They can't be 70. Old people are 70.