Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oregon ~ September 2010

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Andrew Nairn ~ about a week old
Aaron and I tagged along when my parents drove up to Oregon last month. They were going up because my Spencer and Kristi's 5th child was born a few days before. This is him. They named him Andrew Nairn. The middle name, Nairn, is the same as one of my brother's, a nephew, and also a great grandfather of ours. It is actually a town in Scotland and we have some Scottish ancestry. Anyhow, he is such a sweet little baby. We love him so much. So, here are some photos from our week.

Kristi, Spencer, Dad, Mom... all holding Andrew.

Spencer, Luke, Benjamin, Lila... all with Andrew.

Me, Aaron, and Luke... with Andrew.

I got a kick out of Spencer laying on Dad's lap.
This is how Spencer has to brush Lila's teeth or else she won't hold still and he can't brush them. :)

Lila and Mom

Spencer and Luke ~ the big school kids.

Luke getting on the bus. Aaron waving to him. Our crowd watching Luke get on his bus.

Spencer (Hulk), Luke (Mr Incredible), Aaron (Spiderman), Benny (Iron Man), Lila (cute)

Mom and Dad with grandkids.

Benny (Spiderman), Spencer (Indiana Jones), Benny (Mr Incredible), Aaron (Iron Man)

Grandpa putting Aaron and Benny in one of his famous TRAPS. The kids all ask him for traps and he obliges. I remember when he would always put us kids in traps when we were little as well. A fun memory of Dad.

Aaron put on the Iron Man costume and it was way too small. I was laughing so hard. Just look at him. :) The rest are random.

Aaron with his potato bugs that he found. So proud.

Trip to Costco. These boys are great friends.

Great friends.

Adorable Andrew

Okay, here are a couple of the DELICIOUS things we ate while we were there. Kristi and I made caramel apples one night. They were so ridiculously yummy. Then Kristi made bread twice the week we were there. We couldn't get enough. I ate so much of it with butter and the SPLENDID Oregon Marionberry jam that they have there. It is SO scrumptious. Thanks Kristi.

We went to the Library one of the first days we were there and the kids picked out some Where's Waldo books. They were a favorite all week with the kids AND adults.

The kids. Lila, Benny, Aaron, Luke, Spencer

Kristi, Lila, Spencer, Benny, Luke, Andrew, Spencer ~ their family

Aaron, Leslie, Andrew We loved holding this sweet little bundle of joy. He is precious and we just love him.

The morning we left, we pulled out of the driveway at 6 a.m. It was so sad. We are always so sad to leave their house. They live so far away and we miss them so very much. I thought I would be able to pull Aaron out of bed and put him in the car sleeping, but he woke up. After we all gave hugs good bye, we were in the car and the kids came to give Aaron another hug. Aaron was fighting, and I do mean FIGHTING back tears. His face was distorted and his lips and chin were quivering... he did not want to leave. Little Spencer ran into the house, then came back out with a hat he wanted to give to Aaron as a gift. It was so sweet. Aaron wore that hat most of the way home. Thanks Spence. It was so hard to leave this time. We weren't there as long, but every time we see them, Aaron is a little older and he realizes what he is missing out on when we are not with them. Luke and Benny are the closest boy cousins in age to Aaron. He gets along with them and Spencer so well. So when we leave, we are leaving a few of his best friends behind. He misses them so much. This photo is of Spencer, Spencer, Luke, and Benny waving good bye at the end of their driveway. After we were down the road a few minutes, I looked over and Aaron was fighting the tears again. He was so sad. We all were.

Some wild donkeys we saw along the freeway in Nevada. Really fun to see them.

Aaron watching a movie on the way home. AND wearing the hat that Spencer gave to him.

It was a really fun week. Thank you to Dad and Mom for letting us ride up with you.
Thank you to Spencer and Kristi for your hospitality and for the fun week. We love all of you. We miss you.

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Lisa said...

what a fun, eventful time to be in good ol oregon. precious precious baby. wish we could beam ourselves up there.

Kristi said...

I love all of the pictures. I want a copy. It was so much fun having you all up here. It spoiled me a bit. When you all left and reality set in that I have four plus a newborn, it was a bit overwhelming. We are adjusting though. It was just so fun and relaxing having these extra adults and playmate for the kids. I can't wait to show the kids this posting.
Thanks for coming, it really was fun.

Claire said...

Nairn is a beautiful place! And what a beautiful wee boy!

It was so cute to see Aaron wearing his outfit that was too small. Kids just don't seem to care. I had to hide a pumpkin outfit the other day, because it is waaay too short in the body for my girls now and gives, even the youngest, a real wedgie :) it's got to go!!!