Sunday, October 3, 2010

TIMBER !!! ... & Remembering 9/11

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These trees that are lining the back fence at my parents house have provided some privacy / shade for many years. Those seem like great reasons to keep these trees, BUT... the reason to get rid of them far outweighed the reasons to keep them. That reason is that they shed some of the worst stickery / poky things ever. The grand kids couldn't play near them without having to run into the house crying with a sticker in their foot. My dad was against it for many, many years, but finally gave it. He said that the first Saturday that he had a crew at his house, the trees could come down. So, that Friday night, I sent an email out to our family asking for anyone who was available to come to Mom and Dad's house to help take out those trees. The next morning, we had quite a crew there and here are some photos of the crew from our family taking down those stickery trees. :) What a blessing to have such a big family all willing to help out when there is helping out to be done. Thanks everyone!

Waiting as Dad took the chainsaw to the first tree. Ready with a rope tied to the tree to try to direct where it would fall. Another tree coming down. The tree has fallen to the ground. :)

Walking on the branches trying to pack them down to fit more in the truck.
Clipping branches off to make them easy to throw into the truck.

Dad making the first cut with the chainsaw.
Others working on clean up. That's the part Mom could help with. She really wanted to help out with something.

More clean up. Even cute little Sam getting right in there. :)


I will say this, if it hadn't been for the stickery things that get stuck in people's feet, I would never have wanted those trees to be cut down. I do love trees. I am not a fanatic... there are wonderful things that are produced from trees. They are useful AND beautiful. I do love having trees in the yard and climbing trees and the shade a tree gives. They are one of God's creations that I think are beautiful. So, I do love trees and was a little sad that they needed to come down, but they did need to come down.
It was a little strange when we had some people come and try to thwart the tree cutting process, though. It was a little awkward, but we eventually got the job done. Have a look for youself. Watch this video.

Just kidding. Sorry, I had to. I got such a kick out of it. Anyway... moving on...

It looks so neat and clean now. The best part? NO MORE STICKERS! The kids can play without getting puncture thingies in their feet! WOO HOO! What a blessing that the neighbors have that huge tree in their yard because that helps so much with still having shade back there when the evening sun is so bright in the west.

Scott, David, John R, Kara, Richard, Richard K, Nairn, John H, Sam, Tawnie, John K, Leslie, Mom, Dad, Robert (Matt had also helped, but he left for his soccer game)
This is the group who was able to come and help out with such little notice. Wish the rest of you could have joined in... it was a fun task. Thanks everyone!

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Remembering 9/11

The day we were cutting down those trees happened to be on September 11th. At one point, there were a bunch of emergency vehicles going down the main road where my parents live. Following behind the emergency vehicles were some policemen on motorcycles, then following them were SO many men and women riding their motorcycles down the street. They were all riding together in remembrance of September 11th. We loved it. We immediately stopped what we were doing and we stood there waving to them all and watching until every last one had driven by.
These are some photos of some of the grand kids who were there that day. They loved watching them all drive by and waving.

My Dad even got our flag out and waved it until it was over. It was a great reminder of what happened on that day 9 years ago when terrorists hi-jacked airplanes and killed a lot of Americans. It is important that we remember what happened that day so that we can always remember those who died and those who are now fighting against the terrorists in the world. I am grateful to those who sacrifice so much for our freedoms. We are so blessed to live in a country founded by great men who loved and served God. We need to remember God in these perilous times. We are blessed.

Let's always remember God and the gifts He continually gives to us even in times of trial and hardship and heartache. He loves us. We are His children.

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Tawnie said...

I am so sad the rest of my kids and I missed that motorcade. How neat!!
And you left out the best picture of the tree demolition. WHAT?!!!

Leslie said...

are you talking about what i THINK you are talking about? :)
yeah, i don't think scott, john r, john h, or robert would be very happy if i blogged that photo for all of the world to see. :)
although i haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time. it was classic.