Monday, October 11, 2010

Random September

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Bruce got his mission call and opened it with a huge crowd of our family around him. He has been called to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He has been called to labor in the: TAIWAN, TAIPEI Mission. He will learn the Mandarin Chinese language. He is so excited. He jumped up from his seat as he read where he was going and could hardly talk he was so excited. It was so much fun to watch him open his call. That is the same mission my brother John served in. He is happy to have someone else serve there who will be able to speak that language with him. CONGRATS BRUCE!!! We love you!

Bruce with his parents, Travis and Karey.

Colin, son of Nairn and Maria was given a name and a blessing in September. He is such a sweet and handsome boy.

Dad holding Henry. Mom holding Evelyn at a dinner for Colin's blessing and a good bye dinner for Nathan returning to his mission in Finland.

Aaron Jr eat a crepe.

Gus and his CHEESY SMILE. Gus and his small smile. What a character he is.

Jack, Ethan, Daniel, Thomas, Aaron, Samuel

Leah and her big eyes in a really over exposed photo.

This is Nathan on the morning he was flying back to serve the rest of his mission in Finland. He came home on a medical release because of a problem he was having with his knees. He was so happy he was able to go back to Finland to finish his mission. We miss him, but he is where he needs to be right now... serving the Lord and the people in Finland.

Aaron Jr.

Richard and Aaron playing soccer.

David playing soccer.

Matthew playing soccer.

Richard playing soccer.

Grace and Aaron getting ready to ride the go carts.
Cute Sophia with her BIG ice cream cone.

Susie, April, Lillie Pearl, Aaron, Sadie, Sophia, Grace, Nick
at Boondocks

Aaron and his bike. I took him out one day to see if he might be ready to ride without training wheels. NOPE, he is not ready yet. :) hahaha. What a cutie pie though, right?

Greta, daughter of Mark and Suzanne was given a name and a blessing in September. What a sweet and beautiful girl.

Stella, Lily, Aaron

Grace, daughter of Nick and Sadie got baptized in Septmeber. She is a sweet and beautiful girl and we just love her so much. Congrats Grace.

We met up with a widow friend of mine, Jami, out at Sugarhouse park. Our sons played while we talked. It was fun and nice to get together to chat.

Caroline playing soccer.

Julia came to watch the game with all of us. So here she is with her clown hair and hat on helping Hannah and Elise come out of their shells to make a spectacle of themselves. It was hysterical. They were the unpaid halftime show. :)

My handsome boy.

Us. Leslie and Aaron Jr. Aaron Jr. took this photo. He is learning the self portrait skills. :)

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Kristi said...

Agh. I hate seeing all of these fun moments that we miss out on, well, I like seeing them, but hate that we have to miss out on them. Looks like there is a lot of fun events and family gatherings going on.
Thanks for being the documentarian so we don't have to entirely miss out.

The picture of the lot of boys in Grandpa's truck made me feel sad for my boys. The three oldest would have been in that truck with those boys, that is their cousin crowd. Sad.