Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Random July ~ 2011

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Stella, Hannah, and Elise were doing a lemonade stand one day, so we came to buy some... and Aaron ended up sitting out there with them to help. Such cute kids.


Sophie got baptized in July.
She looked so beautiful. Congrats Sophie. You are a good example.

Lily and Michael wanted to pose as well.

Aaron loves to make his hair look crazy.
Time for a haircut? Yep.

Beautiful Utah Sunset.

Aaron helping Uncle Richard and Grandpa work on this car.

Aaron loves to help.

I love capturing these beautiful skies above the Bountiful Temple.

These two guys were Elders that served in the same mission in England that I served in. Strand Family on the far right came over from Norway and we got a few of us together for lunch and some fun at the Gateway in Salt Lake. The Scott Family in the middle came down from Idaho. Jaime, who is standing next to me, is a gal I taught on my mission and got to see her get baptized... then she married Elder Scott. :) Aaron Jr and I are on the far left. :)
It sure was fun seeing them all again and catching up.

My friends' kids.

Aaron Jr.

Caleb and Aaron.
The umbrella doesn't work so well when the water is coming up from underneath it. ;)

John and Tawnie bought some fun fireworks and set them off for the 24th of July, Pioneer Day.
Thanks! It was fun.

We went to the fair for Pioneer Day with Kerianne and her boys. Here they are jumping with Aaron.

Aaron and Bode.

Aaron at the parade. Prepared with a bag for any goodies that get thrown his way.

Here is the view we had when we met my parents and Lisa and John's family to watch the fireworks for Pioneer Day.

Kara's sister Heather's birthday is on the 31st. She passed away nearly two years ago and we went next door to help them celebrate by releasing balloons for her birthday. Heather is very missed.

It was so windy, the balloons would not float up into the sky, so Aaron Jr was just running around the yard collecting them so that we could keep trying to get them up into the air. My nephew David was up on top of the garage trying to get them up as high as he could to keep them in the air. It was quite funny and memorable.

Here is the slip n slide party that Aaron begged to have.
Tawnie was kind enough to host and the kids loved the slip n slide.
The enormity of the slip n slide was a little overwhelming at first, but once the kids got used to it, it wasn't a problem. (kidding, its tiny)

All the kids who came for the slip n slide party. Thanks Tawnie!!!... and all the moms who came to visit while we watched the kids. :)
We had fun.

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Kristi said...

You are so good to keep in contact with old friends. I can't believe that is Jamie. That was a whole lifetime ago that she came and stayed with you in Utah.
Sorry we missed the sweet action on the slippin' slide. I really don't think our kids have ever played on a slippin' slide before. Sad for them.
Miss you guys. Love you.