Tuesday, August 2, 2011

4th of July Weekend at the Cabin ~ 2011

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We met John and Tawnie's family up at their family's cabin over the weekend of the 4th of July. It sure was a fun weekend. We were only planning to stay for two nights, but then none of us wanted to leave, so we stayed another night. We had a blast.

The first day Aaron Jr and I were there, we all took a drive up Mirror Lake Highway to go on a hike. When we got up on the highway, we were shocked that there was still this much snow on the 1st of July. Crazy. Here is a photo of most of the kids in front of a snowbank.

Mirror Lake is a lake I went to with Aaron right after we were married. We went in September and I remember seeing a little bit of snow when we were up there, but THIS was crazy. This is the entrance to even get to Mirror Lake. There was not getting to it this trip.

So we got a photo looking DOWN on Mirror Lake.
You can't tell in the photo, but the lake is still covered with ice.

This is Me with Aaron back in September 2002.
This was my first experience at Mirror Lake.
This is one of my favorite memories with Aaron.

Our names written in the wall of snow.
I know, I know... Its pretty radical, eh? Hahaha.

Two beautiful lakes we saw. See how ice covered Lilly Lake still is? The bottom one is called Trial Lake. We joked about how it was sure a trial to try to get to it with the snow covered roads. John and I walked the hundred yards or so in to even get a photo of this one. This is where we were PLANNING to do our hike this day, but nope... there was to be no hiking in the snow. We were not prepared for that.

Three words: ... I FOUND IT!

We must have been in silly moods, because when I told everyone what I was going to do with this photo, we all laughed for a long long time. Maybe they were all humoring me... OR...
it was just that funny.

Mom and Dad, and Robert and Teresa and Zach all drove up that night to spend the evening and then spend that night up there. I wish I had taken a photo with Robert and Teresa in it. They all left the next morning.

Aaron, Thomas, Sam, Jack, Emily, Zach, lil John They all helped gather wood and then made a fire.

Cute Leah.

Cute Aaron. Those blue eyes just amaze me.

Aaron and Jack. They sure had a good time together. Jack's blue eyes amaze me as well.

That next day, those of us who stayed the whole weekend all went to the 'horse pull' in Oakley. It sure was fun. We watched the lightweight division, middleweight division, and heavyweight division all pulling enormous amounts of weight on a sled thingy. It was AMAZING! Look at these horses digging down deep to pull this weight.

And this was the team that won the heavyweight division. They ended up pulling a total of 10,000 pounds. It was so brilliant.

Afterwards, we HAD to stop for ice cream at the Polar King. :)

Every time we drove back to the cabin from an outing, John would drive us up around a few of the other cabins. Deer and Moose like to lounge under people's decks. We found several deer under people's decks and a few moose as well. Here is one of those moose after I scared it out from under a deck. It was completely un-bothered by me. :)

The next day, we drove up to Smith and Morehouse Lake. It was gorgeous. The lighting was just perfect for some great photos.
Aaron got to walk Max for part of the walk.

John and all the boys: lil John, Thomas, Jack, Sam, Aaron, and Max

A rock being captured in mid air after Aaron threw it. Can you really go to any body of water without throwing rocks in? Nope.
Aaron showing off part of a geode that lil John found.

Family photo of John and Tawnie's family.

All the kids.
Me, Jack, Aaron, and Sam

Aaron and Me. The trees were gorgeous up there.

Aaron and Me.
I wish Aaron would smile. He looks so unhappy in this photo. :) HA!
Could he cheese it any bigger?

Now THIS one, he really does need to smile. He was in a bad mood for a few minutes.
Its SO easy to get Aaron into a good mood again though.

Cute kids.

John and Tawnie's family again. Cute family.
THANKS to John and Tawnie's family for such a fun and enJOYable time at the cabin. We had so much fun and can't wait until the next invite. (hint). :)
We love you.

And one more for good measure. He is going to be taller than me SOON. Help! He's only FIVE!

Here is a photo of the group who made it to Karey and Travis's barbeque the night of the 4th on our way home from the cabin. Dad and Mom, Robert, Nairn and Maria's family, John and Tawnie's family, us, and of course Travis and Karey's family.

Alison, Jack, Daniel, Thomas, and Aaron down by the pond.

The kids all ran onto the green of the golf course to have a race. The top ones are the fast ones, the bottom photo is of the little ones who got a late start. :) Or they are just slower. ;)

Aaron Jr running.
Savannah running with her dog Pepper.
I liked these action shots.

Now THOSE are perfectly roasted marshmallows.

Photos that I took of my Dad and Mom.
I thought these turned out really nice.
We sure have great parents. We love them.

THANKS to Travis and Karey for the fun night at your house!
We love you.


Happy 4th of July, everyone!

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Kristi said...

I hated this post. I hate seeing all the good times we are not there for.
Okay, that was mean, true but mean.
I do actually like to see all the fun things.
I looks so nice and cool and mountain-air-ish, and the company, you just can't beat it.

Kristi said...

I just reread that comment. It didn't come across the way I meant it.
Sorry if I came across as a jerk.

Leslie said...

i knew what you meant. i was not offended... i, too, wish you lived here so that you could be at all of these family functions. it sucks.
so no worries. please don't feel like you were a jerk. you weren't.
love you.
~ leslie *