Thursday, August 11, 2011

Snake River Trip ~ 2011

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Every year Aaron's family goes up to the Snake River up by Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It is their family reunion spot. Every year, Aaron's uncle brings up his big raft and takes us all down the Snake River rapids. It sure has been fun.
We didn't go that last year of Aaron's life because Aaron Jr had just broken his arm a few days before. And Aaron Jr and I haven't been up there since then...
until this year.
This year, the river was too high and it was too dangerous to raft down, so we had to find other ways to have fun. We went to a couple of lakes and had fun around camp.
Here are some of our photos...

Aaron's Mom, Sue, walking with her oldest grandchild, Grace.

Aaron's brother, Steve, was trying to teach Aaron Jr how to ride a bike.
I have tried a few times, but Aaron Jr is super scared to try without someone holding onto him.
I hope he learns soon... he would have so much fun riding a bike.
Thanks Steve.

Aaron Jr playing horseshoes.

Steve and Christa brought their paddle board with them.
Aaron Jr and I got our first experience on a paddle board.
This photo is of Steve and Aaron Jr on the paddle board on this beautiful lake.

Steve and Aaron Jr.

Now for my first try...
I loved it!!!

Grandpa and Aaron Jr... fishing.

Steve, Isaac, Grandpa, and Aaron Jr... fishing.

And Aaron Jr... fishing. He's so cute.

Grandma on the paddle board.

This lake is just so beautiful. I couldn't get enough of the paddle board and being able to just float around that lake.


I took Malia out for a ride. She is such a sweet girl.

Malia and Me.

Then I took Aaron Jr for a ride.

Aaron Jr and Me.

Nick and Sadie's family... fishing.

Grace, Pearl, Sophia. Sweet girls.

This scene was so beautiful. Aaron would have been right out there with Steve.

Christa with Malia and then Evan.

These kids decided to be a marching band. I love the creativity.

Malia, Isaac, Evan

Aaron's stick gun. And his very serious mean face.
(not so convincingly mean :)

In the corner... my perfectly roasted marshmallows. Then Aaron Jr enjoying a s'more that Sadie made for him.

Malia, Isaac, Aaron Jr at Jenny Lake.

Me with Aaron Jr on the paddle board for one more ride before we drove home.

Jenny Lake.

One last shot before getting in the car. It was a beautiful trip... a long drive, but a beautiful trip. We had fun. Thanks to Steve and Sue for everything.

Leslie and Aaron - July 2002
This was my first Snake River Trip with Aaron's family.
It was so much fun... one of my all time favorite adventures
with Aaron was taking this 4 man raft down the river.
It was so much fun.

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Michelle and Nick said...

Hi Leslie,
I have followed your blog for a couple of years now. It is always inspiring to me and helps me to remember to appreciate my husband (even when I don't feel very appreciative). I admire you so much! Anyway...if Aaron Jr. is still working on learning to ride his bike, this may help. We used this with our son and it was amazing how quickly he learned. Take off his pedals so he can get used to balancing the bike as he pushes himself around. Once he feels comfortable with coasting around like that, put the pedals back on. The very first time we let our boy ride once the pedals were on, he took off with no problems. Anyway, just thought that might help. Good luck with everything--you are doing a fantastic job raising him!