Saturday, April 14, 2012

Aaron Jr. ~ Random

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Aaron got to choose a prize at school for some reason and ended up with this Zhu Zhu Pet hamster. It had a four leaf clover on its back, so assuming it was for St Patrick's Day, Aaron named it Patrick at first and Patch for short. Aaron came up with a clever way to buckle Patch into the car. I thought it was so funny.

Aaron asks all the time if we can do chores.
His favorites are washing clothes so that he can spray the stain remover, vacuuming, and emptying the dishwasher. What a helpful boy.

Trying to reach more clothes in the basket.

When Aaron and I first got married, he was asked to build these dressing rooms in a little clothing shop next door to Secret Haven and The Bun Basket. I went with him and we were there all evening and all night. I fell asleep on the floor and he finished these dressing rooms that night. It has been nearly 10 years now and that clothing business moved out. The new business going in wanted these out, so this is one last photo of them before they were removed that day.

We helped out at Secret Haven one day and Aaron and I painted this piece of furniture.

My feet have been having issues lately, so I have not been able to train lately...
this day they were hurting really badly, so Aaron offered to massage them.
Although he was not quite as effective as someone stronger might have been, he sure tried hard... and I sure appreciated it.

Getting so big. He is very into climbing trees lately.

Aaron climbing higher, with Henry down below peering out.

And higher.

Conference weekend, Aaron kept asking me to go out and dig with him... so we went out between sessions on Saturday. He brought a piece of a p.u.s.s.y. willow that his teacher had given to him. He wanted to plant it. I didn't have the heart to tell him that it will not grow again. He planted it and then watered it with his water gun.

Watering Grandma's daffodil with his water gun.
While we were digging, the wind was blowing... so Aaron said:
"Mom, make sure the dirt doesn't blow in your eyes because it hurts... like lemonade."

I am not at all sure what it has to do with lemonade, but I took it to heart and I made sure I didn't let the dirt blow in my eyes. :)

So, I keep forgetting to sign Aaron up for soccer, then I find out that it is too late. I guess I need to set an alarm for a few months away to remind myself. As I see other people's photos of their kids playing soccer, I am sad that Aaron is still not on a team. What a lousy mom I am. He is fine with it since he doesn't think he wants to play yet, but I really think he would enjoy it. Plus, I am prolonging being able to call myself a 'soccer mom'... which means I am only hurting myself, right? :) Just kidding.

Its no secret... I love this boy.

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Kristi said...

It looks so springy there. Why don't my kids want to do chores? We even told them we would pay them. Hmmm. And rubbing of the feet. That would never happen. Sorry to hear that you are still under the weather, including in the feet too, if that is even a thing.
Get well. Love you guys

Mindy said...

I absolutely love the series of photos of Aaron helping with laundry. You need to print those and hang them in the laundry room. :)

He's a cute boy for sure.