Monday, April 23, 2012

All Tied Up

* * * * * * *
Aaron's shoes were getting too small and they started hurting his feet,
so we got him some new shoes on sale last week. A pretty good deal.
SIZE FOUR !!! I can't believe it.
Granted, they are too big for him because I can't afford to buy shoes for him every few months. :)
He really loves them.
They have shoelaces, so we figured it was time for him to learn to tie his shoes.
I was impressed that he wanted to learn and I loved teaching him how to tie them.
He was a very patient student and had it down very quickly.
He is very proud of himself and I am also very proud of him.
Another milestone in his life... (sigh)... when will time slow down? :l

My earliest memory of tying my own shoes was in Granby, Missouri when we lived there.
I remember sitting on the piano bench and tying them and being so proud of myself and then running outside to play with my brothers and sisters who were out there already. I sure wish there was a video of ME tying my shoes. :)

Below is a video I took of him tying one of his shoes. So cute.

I told him the red thing is called a swoop,
so now he calls them 'Mikey Swoops'.
Today I found out that it is called a 'Swoosh'... oops. :)
I will eventually tell him that it is Nike and not Mikey. :)
But it is so cute.

Good job Aaron!!!

* * *


cucciolo25 said...

'Mikey Swoops' I will eventually tell Leslie that it is a Swoosh and not a Swoop. :) Love you Leslie!


Mindy said...

Oh my gracious... my feet are a size 4 in kids. ;) He's going to be tall (duh). ;)

Leslie said...

hahaha. spencer, robert told me today that it is a swoosh and i laughed so hard at myself. :)

i thought it was so funny.


and mindy, what??? size four in kids? wow!