Friday, April 13, 2012

March Madness ~ 2012

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Happy Birthday to me.
Aaron got me a bag of mini York peppermint patties. Mmm.
I sure want to photoshop a good hair day on myself in this photo.

 This is what Aaron picked out for our neighbor for her birthday.
A purple hot wheels car.

Happy Birthday to Hazel.
This is our neighbor who Aaron gave the purple car to.
She is a 91 year old widow and we love her.

 We got to babysit my sister's 6 kids for a couple of day during March.
Here are their 2 boys being so super cute.

Here is Aaron with their 6 kids.
We sure did love having them around.
The second day when most of the kids were at school and the two boys were at my sister's house playing, Aaron asked if they were coming back. When I told him that they would be back, he said,
"Yay! I got to have brothers and sisters last night and I get to have brothers and sisters again today and I get to have brothers and sisters again tonight!"
What a sweet boy. He wants brothers and sisters so badly!

 Road work being done on our street. Aaron was in heaven watching the big tractors doing their thing.

Climbing trees with Stella.

 Robin Eggs = Blue lips.

 Aaron and Zach at the new City Creek Center.

Jaime (a friend of mine from England) and her daughter Alexis
with Aaron and me.

Aaron and Alexis
She is about to turn 8 years old.
I think Aaron got a little crush on her... he was so excited to see them again and said he wants them to live by us. He even did his hair that last day he was going to see her before they went home. SO cute.

Alexis and Aaron.
I mean Spiderwoman and Spiderman.

Happy Birthday message to Grandma.
In the bottom, right corner is the picture Aaron drew of her.

My project during the month of March.
They are now for sale at Secret Haven in Fruit Heights.

Secret Haven Spring Open House opening night.

My nieces in their school play.

 This awesome thing was at a park down in Utah County.
I drew a black arrow pointing at Aaron Jr.
He got really high. He is getting so big.

 Here is another one closer up.

 We were down there for a birthday party for one of his best friends.

My nephew Jack got baptized in March.
Congrats Jack. We love you.

Aaron took these photos of his pets.
Bluin and Ode.
He painted this dog to look like Ode then put his name on the tag.
We miss Ode.
In March, he has been gone one year.
Aaron talks about him all the time.

 Aaron Jr and Ode.
Best friends.
We miss you, Ode.

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Tracie said...

You take the most beautiful pictures. I love the ones of the temple. And that playground looks awesome!