Monday, April 2, 2012

anonymous no more

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 So, I have always allowed anonymous comments on my blog.
Most of the anonymous comments that have been left since starting my blog four and a half years ago have been uplifting and kind. Then there are some that have been back handed 'advice'... which I have done my best to not take offense from. Then there have been a few, mostly in the past several months, that have been just plain malicious and hurtful.

It is because of these malicious and hurtful anonymous comments that I have decided to stop allowing people to comment anonymously.

Most people don't comment anonymously, but some do. And the ones who are kind who comment anonymously are the reason that I have tried not to come to this decision... but sadly, the person or persons who continue to leave anonymous comments that are malicious and hurtful have made it so I have to turn off anonymous commenting.

I am choosing to protect myself from people who are anonymously cowardly.

Those of you who have ever left a comment, anonymously or otherwise, that was kind and sweet and uplifting to me, I am grateful to you. It is because of you kind anonymous commenters that I have not made this choice sooner.

I will be putting my email address on my sidebar so that any of you who want to remain anonymous to the world... you would still be able to reach me if you desire.

To end this posting... in the words of Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf:

"Let us put down our stones, let us be kind, let us forgive,
let us talk peacefully with each other,
let the love of God fill our hearts, let us do good unto all men."

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LL said...

Good for you! We're hard enough on ourselves, we don't need those unkind comments.
I don't understand it, why must people act like that?!
You're amazing!

Leslie said...

Good for you!

Crystal said...

Why would anyone take the time to do something so mean? I'm sorry you're getting hurtful comments, especially because you're such a good hearted person.

Tracie said...

I am sorry to hear people have been so cruel. What kind of person would harass someone like you. Love your blog