Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Monkey Without A Tail

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Aaron's speech teacher called me last month to ask if Aaron could participate in a little play that she wanted to put on. It was going to help the kids use the sounds that they are working on in a way where they could project it. I was excited and told her that I would love for him to be involved.
It was going to be soon, so they were only going to get 8 or 9 practices and the practices were to be for an hour BEFORE school. I worried about Aaron having to get up extra early, but with it only being for 8 or 9 days, I figured it would be just fine.
After the first practice, the next morning, the speech teacher called me before play practice and asked if I would be willing to be her assistant director to help with the practices each morning. I must admit... I was not thrilled, but I agreed because I had no excuse not to. About halfway through, I told her we might need more help to keep the kids settled and on task. So she asked a few older ladies to come and volunteer to help out. They were sweet ladies.
Aaron was so excited the first couple of practices, but after the first couple, he hated the idea of being in the play. He hated getting up early and he would cry to me throughout each day that he didn't want to be in the play. He said he was really scared to be up in front of people... he was nervous. He is quite a shy little boy in front of groups, so I was worried that he might freeze up there on stage. But I told him that he had agreed to do it, so he needed to follow through on this and then he never had to be involved in another play if he didn't want to be.
A couple of days before the play, he asked me who was going to come and watch him. He wanted to know if any of our families would be there. I told him of the ones who I knew would be there and he was a little more excited about it.
I have to say... during the practices, the speech teacher and I were not very encouraged that the play would come together. The kids just seemed to not care much during the practices to do their best. They knew their lines pretty well, though... so that was an encouraging aspect of it. I just hoped that once they had an actual audience, they would take it seriously and it would come together well.
I videoed the play and took loads of photos... it was quite a short play, only about 20 minutes, but we were SO thrilled with how well the kids did. They took it seriously in front of the audience and it came together amazingly.
I was so proud of the kids...
especially Aaron Jr...
he did not even act like he was nervous.
He was amazing! and has now been telling me that he cannot wait until he gets to be in another play. YAY!
Enjoy the photos... who would I be if I did not take too many photos? ;)

 This is Aaron Jr and his friend Aeden.
(Yes, they are in the same kindergarten class.)
They were in charge of welcoming the audience, introducing the play,
and then introducing the whole cast.

This is where they said together, "And now... ON WITH THE SHOW!"

This is Aaron dancing in the group dance... it was an African dance.

The group dance. Aaron is on the far right.

What a sweet heart. I love him.
He is having so much fun up there.

 This is where Aaron and Aeden enter for the second time to say their lines.
They were carrying 'jars of honey' and they were both supposed to say 'My honey is better THan yours.' Then, 'No, MY honey is THe best.'
The sound they are working on is TH.
And they both pronounced the TH so great!

Here is the rest of the cast in their roles.

 I believe this is where Aaron and Aeden both said, 'THis is a monkey witch.'

Aaron is saying, 'More honey for your highness to judge.'


Here, the subjects of the King, Aaron and Aeden, were supposed to look frightened of the King.


This is when the narrator is wrapping up the play and the characters are all on stage.

This is the whole cast.
Notice the height of the whole cast.
Aaron and Aeden are the youngest and the ages range from kindergarten to 5th or 6th grade. Most of the ones that are close to Aaron's height are in 4th and 5th grade.
It baffles me that he is so tall. :)

The whole cast with their speech teacher.

Me, assistant director, and Aaron (subject of the King)

 My little thespian at the cast party in the teachers lounge.

...and finally... sick of photos? :)

Thank you to those who came to watch...
Lori, Lily, Michael, Suzy, Evelyn, Greta, Grandpa (Steve) and Grandma (Sue).
Then all three cousins who go to that school (Hannah, Elise, Stella)... their classes all got to come in and watch. It was a very wonderful surprise and Aaron was so happy to have all of his fans there. :)

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Tracie said...

Nothing better than watching your child over come a fear.

Kristi said...

IT sounds like it was a success. What a cute idea for the kids to overcome some fear they might have and practice/perform the sounds they have been working on. Great work both of you.

Tiffany said...

Thank you so much for taking such wonderful pictures! I am so glad Aeden and Aaron are friends :)