Monday, October 1, 2012

Cabin Fun

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Could he be more handsome?

I'm still trying to catch up on July's goings on.
I hope to catch up on August and September soon.
Wow, catching up is tough.

John, Jack, and Sam to our left.
Tawnie, John John, Emily, Thomas, and Leah to our right.
At Smith and Morehouse Reservior

Aaron baiting his own hook. Wow.

Aaron, John, Jack, Sam

from all views of the lake

Aaron and Jack


Aaron's cheesy smile...
Aaron's silly smile, its his favorite silly face lately.


John fishing
John with fish
Beautiful Emily fishing in a beautiful setting

Aaron showing off his awesome rock that he found.


John and Tawnie's family


Look at this awesome nest on top of this tall pole.
So neat.

Aaron, Jack, Sam

Fishing in the river.
I think everyone who tried actually caught a fish.
I wish I had snapped a photo quickly enough to have a
photo of Aaron with his fish. But it flopped back into the river.

The fish caught and cooked.

 The rocks in the sunset lit water.

 The river at sunset.

Back to the river for swimming and fun.
The kids had fun playing in this area that was like a little pool.

 The rest of us had fun building this dam.
Carrying the heavy rocks in the river current was tough, but fun.

Searching for rocks that are shaped like a heart is one of my favorite
things to do when surrounded by a lot of rocks.

 Its like a clown car, but a four wheeler instead.
How many can fit on it?

Robert and Teresa and Zach came up for one of the days and nights.
It was fun to have them there with us.

Aaron and Jack
Aaron and Leah

Sam, Zach, Aaron, Jack, Thomas

Leah setting up here chair next to Mom.
Aaron, Jack, John, Leah

While we sat on the deck watching the beautiful mountains and birds,
I caught some great photos of some hummingbirds and a few other
kinds of birds. They were quite amazing and beautiful.

We also had fun watching the chipmunks coming up on the deck
to eat the bird seed. John sat there patiently waiting for a chipmunk
to eat out of his hand.

 How cute is this?

 John and Tawnie's family with the beautiful view behind.
Thanks for the FUN times John and Tawnie.
We love the cabin with your family.

Back again for swimming in the river.
Aaron was nervous because of the depth and the current.
He finally agreed to go with Emily, but he put on two life jackets. :)

Teresa, Tawnie, John, Thomas, Robert, Sam, John
They were creating rock towers.

How summery is this?


BIG smile.


 He LOVES driving the four wheeler.

I took this photo while Aaron was driving.
I really really really love it.

The End

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Mindy said...

I LoVe the photos! Some of these need to be printed and framed. :)

Tracie said...

Such a good job as always!

Kristi said...

I have never been to the lake or river. We went to the cabin one time. What a fun getaway with family. Makes us miss everyone.