Monday, October 22, 2012

Charles Bruce ~ Oregon 2012

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~ Charles Bruce ~
August 6, 2012

We went to visit Spencer and Kristi's family in Oregon in August.
We got there two days after the birth of little Charlie Bruce.
I got all of these photos of Charles Bruce within a week and a half of his birth.
He is such a cute and sweet baby. We love him.

Aaron seriously adores the new babies.
He talks all the time about the two new Charlies and how cute they are.

Proud brothers.

While we were visiting them in Oregon, they decided to go ahead and bless Charles while we were there. It was so great.

Mama and Charlie

Spencer and Kristi's family

I love him.

So, Aaron and I were going up to Oregon in August and had those plans for several months.
After we made those plans, family members found out that there was going to be a basketball camp up there sponsored by Jabari Parker.
If you want to know who he is, click on his name. Sports Illustrated called him the best high school basketball player since LeBron James. And guess what? He is Mormon. :)
So several of my siblings took their kids up to the basketball camp that was happening while we were up there. Aaron did not attend the camp, but since Spencer was helping with the camp, we got to go in and Aaron got to meet Jabari Parker and get his autograph. He was a nice kid.



Here are just a few of my nephews with Aaron.
Luke, Aaron, Spencer, Thomas, Daniel, Jack, Benjamin
I wish I got photos of everyone who was up there that weekend.

Thomas, Spencer, Aaron, Daniel, Jack, Luke,
Lila, Benjamin


Benjamin, Lila, Daniel, Jack, Aaron

All of the basketball camp goers left early Sunday morning of that first weekend.
Aaron and I stayed because we were going to be there to help out with the kids and help Kristi after having the new baby. We were there for another week.

Benjamin, Luke, Aaron

Tired Papa and Mama

Aaron was showing me how big he is.

Spencer, Luke, Benjamin, Aaron
pirates? not sure.

Lining up oldest to youngest to go over the bike ramp.

 Lining up youngest to oldest to go over the bike ramp.

When school started, Aaron drew himself on the bike ramp as what he did this summer.

Please ignore my ugly voice and laugh in these videos.

Fun balloons.

Lila and Benny.

Luke and Aaron.
Lila and Andrew.

Andrew, Luke, Spencer, Benny, Aaron, Lila

Aaron will never grow tired of playing in the dirt with shovels and tractors.
Even by himself.

Andrew, Luke, Aaron, Lila, Spencer, Benny
They found snails and they were racing them.
Ever heard of racing snails? Well, leave it to these kids... they will find some.

We had fun in Oregon.
Lucky for us, Richard had flown up the Saturday evening before we left. He flew up there to ordain Spencer a high priest because Spencer was called into the Bishopric while we were there. He also helped to bless the baby while he was there. Then Richard drove home to Utah with Aaron and me at the end of the weekend. It gave my parents peace of mind knowing it was not just Aaron and me alone on the road. We had caravanned up there with Travis and their kids. Thanks Travis and Richard.
Thanks Spencer and Kristi!

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Mindy said...

What an adorable chubby baby! Your photos are great! :)

Kristi said...

Yes, you got great shots of the boy. I am so glad you did because I didn't do a good job of documenting his first few weeks. It was so fun having you guys up here. It was good to skype yesterday. Wish we could see you more.
Love ya lots

Lisa Carter said...

Okay, that bike pic needs to be framed!!! I love seeing all of those fun memories. It brings me back to my own childhood.