Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Random July ~ 2012

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 "I'm a farmer," said Aaron.

 Putting the flag out for the day.

Not sure how much protection that umbrella would offer in a rain storm.

Beautiful sunsets.

Aaron's new alligator stuffed animal.
Of course he buckles him so he is safe.

 Lisa's baby Charles, he was asleep like this. So funny and cute.
At Costco with John and Tawnie, had to get a photo of John sitting on the Crush display wearing a Crush shirt.

Sadly, this beautiful butterfly was on the concrete dying.
God's beautiful creations amaze me.

Aaron and I have been obsessed with zucchini this summer.
He is helping me saute it here.
He wasn't that excited about it at first, but once I read to him what zucchini's nutritional benefits are, he was happy to try it and he loves it now. What a kid! Usually I can get him to try anything by telling him how it will help his body. He's so sweet.

Zucchini bread and zucchini read to saute.

Aaron loves making and drinking smoothies as well.

 Lillie Pearl and Aaron coloring together.
She is such a sweet little cousin to Aaron.
She is very thoughtful.

Beautiful boy and beautiful bird.

This is Sadie and Nick's bird.
Aaron holding baby Charles John.
Aaron loves babies so much.
I hope he gets some baby brothers and sisters someday.
He prays for it every night.

At the funeral of my cousin's little boy.
Aaron started throwing up during the 5 hour drive up there, then during the funeral as well.
He was so lethargic and was like this throughout the whole day.
Poor little boy. He looks so precious, so I had to post these even if they are from June instead of July.

We had a potluck gathering at Wheeler Farm with some extended family in July.
It was good to see family and catch up a bit.

Lily and Aaron helping me make peanut butter and jam sandwiches.

Aaron and baby Charles John again.

Aaron put his clothes on backwards. I was laughing so hard.
Wrapping paper head.

I donated blood again in July.
Everyone should make an appointment and go donate blood.
This is your reminder. :)

~ ~ ~

Here are a few videos from a couple of things from July.
I watched them again and I say the exact same thing in a couple of them... I guess I felt strongly about it. :) Turn your sound down if you don't want to listen to my strange sounding video voice.
It was the primary summer party.

These two are hilarious to me.
This is one of those things that glows in the dark and when he showed me this trick, I was seriously dying laughing. I had to video it. He is so funny.

This last photo was taken when we were visiting Richard at the future site for Pizza Pie Cafe here in town. He was cutting copper pipe and let Aaron cut a couple of pieces to use.
Pizza Pie Cafe opened a few weeks ago now. We went lots of times this summer to help get the restaurant ready to open. We helped to paint and clean. Richard and John R. are the main partners of the establishment and a few of us family members invested in it as well. It is exciting and it is doing really well. Richard and John's families put in a lot of work this past summer getting it ready, it was neat going over and helping out so that it could open as soon as possible. We sure hope it is a screaming success. So far, so good.

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Tawnie said...

great pics. great times. love aarons muscle man video breaking the glow stick. Haha.