Saturday, October 27, 2012

Random August ~ 2012

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Stella, Hannah, Elise, Henry, Angus, Aaron 
Chic-fil-A for lunch to show support.

 Aaron and Stella are in the bottom right.

 Charles John was blessed in August.
He is sure cute and is such a sweet baby.
We love him.


 Isn't he beautiful?

 Mama and Charles John

John and Lisa's family.

That night, we were having a gathering in my parents' front yard to say good bye to Robert and Teresa and Zach (leaving for law school). We were sitting in a circle on the lawn and as Tawnie showed up, she had a police escort for some reason... she was being pulled over right in front of all of us! It was so funny!

The officer was a good sport. She didn't get a ticket... she had supposedly not stopped completely at a stop sign. :) Henry, Gus, and Michael had fun talking to the police man.

My sister was in the hospital for a couple of days...
we got to babysit Charles John for a whole night and most of a day.
Aaron was in heaven. He got to hold him a lot and so did I...
we loved having him with us.

Cute sleeping baby.


Aaron made this mask out of cardboard and an ace bandage.
I think he was calling it a ninja mask, but in his words, it would be a
'Minja' Mask.

I couldn't resist snapping a photo of us brushing our teeth together.
I sure love this boy.

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Tracie said...

Okay I am 99% sure that is my ward building. :-)
My oldest started first grade this year too, I don't know how that is possible seems like just yesterday she was a baby. Congrats on finding the perfect job for you and it is nice to know if our path ever cross I can say hello:-)