Sunday, October 14, 2012

Swimming Lessons

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Aaron took swimming lessons this past summer.
His class included his cousin Lily.
It was so much fun for him.
I wish I had any photos of them together.

freestyle stroke

The only time I got to take photos was at the make up lesson when Aaron had the lesson with another cousin Sophie. Here is Sophie. She is a good little swimmer.
I wish I had a photo of Lily as well. Maybe next year.

freestyle stroke

not sure what stroke this is

back stroke

breast stroke

I was so proud of Aaron.
I have never seen him so confident in the water as I did at the couple of lessons I was allowed to sit in on. He was excited about swimming and he was fine being in the water without a life jacket.
He was proud of himself as well.

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Mindy said...

Fun! My kids really love swimming. He looks like a good little fish. :)