Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Elf on the Shelf

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My friend, Lisa, gave us an 'Elf on the Shelf' at the beginning of December, so Aaron and I had fun together figuring out each day what our Elf would be caught doing. Thanks Lisa. It was fun.
Here are photos of what our Elf was doing December 1st through December 25th and the captions are what I wrote each day on our facebook Elf group page.

 Aaron decided that our Elf would be named Aaron like he is named after Daddy and then the Elf is like Aaron Jr's son.
So, introducing Aaron the lll.
He decided to go for a JOY ride on Aaron's new skateboard.

Getting in the car to go to church this morning... he gave me a fright.
He doesn't even have a learners permit.
Silly Elf.

 Aaron lll has been a little obsessed with our fish today.
Don't ask me.

 Ok, our elf was extra naughty today and he was in disguise to try to escape a time out.
I can't be fooled.

 Aaron lll wanted to take a peek.

 Aaron lll asked Aaron Jr to teach him how to shoot,
I'm a little skeptical about what he's up to.
Why does an elf need to know how to shoot?

 Aaron Jr introduced Aaron lll to angry birds Christmas version.
He's a little obsessed now.

 A little late today.
Aaron lll is helping me prepare my relief society lesson for tomorrow.

 I was filling up the washer to wash some jeans and colored clothes and I found our little elf getting ready to pour in some bleach.
Good thing I caught him... I was having flashbacks of acid washed jeans from the 80s. 
Aaron Jr wanted Aaron lll to join us for prayer tonight.

 Found Aaron lll literally rolling around in the money from Aaron jr's piggy bank.

 Our Elf is getting pretty brave to try the firefighter pizza at Pizza Pie Cafe today.

 Aaron lll is helping Aaron Jr wrap presents tonight.

 Our Elf was nervously watching out into the snowy night wondering if we would make it home safely.
Whew! We did.

 Aaron lll is sewing a pillow for us for Christmas.

 Aaron Jr desperately wanted a photo of Aaron lll in our tree, so here you go. :)

 Our Elf sees how much Aaron hates to do his homework,
so he wanted to help out a bit. Thanks Elfy.
 I was too lazy to think of something tonight,
but didn't want to miss a day,
so here is my photo of our Elf taken from my recliner.
He's just chillin'.

 Aaron lll wanted to play monopoly junior with us today.
He's pretty greedy, even with monopoly money.
I found Aaron lll telling himself his daily affirmations in the mirror.
'I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and people like me.'
It was a little awkward when he saw me watching him.
We promised never to speak of it.
(I had my fingers crossed.)

 Our Elf met Molly for the first time today.
She is here for Christmas.
Molly took him for a ride.

Our Elf was feeling neglected because I forgot about him yesterday,
so he took a self portrait of himself with Santa.
Just found it on my phone today.

 And then today playing Peek-a-boo with our fish, Bluin.

 Aaron lll read to us from Luke chapter 2.

 And last, but best of all...
Our Elf wanted to hold baby Jesus today in honor of His birthday.
Merry CHRISTmas everyone.

 Aaron Jr and Aaron lll Christmas evening.
Good night.

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Pooja Mittal said...


Nice blog.. Would you like to follow each other..!!
Keep in touch,

Kristi said...

Cute pictures. It's like Aaron III is part of the family.

Mindy said...

Cute. :) My favorite was the daily affirmations. ;)