Thursday, July 11, 2013

Random November ~ 2012

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 Yep, you read that right...
I am finally beginning my 'catch up' on my blog.
Its been a long time coming...
I hope I can stay focused and get it done.

This was election day.
Aaron voted in school.
I voted for real.
We voted for Mitt Romney, but sadly, he did not win.
We were SO sad.

Look how tall this single long stemmed rose is...

This is what it looked like the very next day!

Cute boy.

We had an amazing snow storm. Wowee.

My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.
Wowee again...
We love you, Dad and Mom.

Aaron got to have a cookie monster all to himself at Pizza Pie Cafe. Mmm...

Aaron and his toys. So cute.

This was in someone's front yard in anticipation of Christmas.
So neat.

Sunset that I was watching in my side mirror from the car.
So beautiful... but you can't tell here.

Nativity at the Temple. Christmas is coming...

Aaron and his cousin, Susie... all dressed up as Princess and Prince.
I was impressed that Aaron let himself get talked into dressing up. :)
Not sure why they have sad faces.

 In our new BYU shirts.

He's sick of photos.

Aaron and his sweet cousin, Sophia. She loves him.

Aaron's gingerbread house.

Leather bracelet that I made for Aaron.

Leather bracelet that I made for myself.

This is the group of widows that I get together with once in a while.
We laugh together A LOT. It is so great being around women who understand the loss that each of us has experienced. They are amazing women. This particular day, we got together to make leather bracelets while we chatted about life.

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Kristi said...

It is fun seeing your lives in pictures. Keep 'em coming. There are still many months I need to see.

Ceri said...

Leslie, I'm loving seeing your beautiful smiling face again and your darling sweet Aaron. I'm having my own catch-up. I did mean to start it over a year ago, and finally now have! Only 2 years 2 months to catch up on - somehow! I love the leather bracelets you made. Your choice of design is perfect! I need one of those - a brilliant reminder. :o) Thank you for opening a little window into your life again. Though I haven't seen you for years, I love you even more than I did before. xxxxx