Thursday, July 18, 2013

Merry Christmas ~ 2012

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This is the Christmas tree ornament that Aaron made for me at school.
I love it.

Star light, star bright.

Aaron sewing something for me for Christmas.

Our stockings and the Nativity.

The Nativity ornament that Aaron got from Grandma and Grandpa Higginson.
The two snowflake ornaments were also from them and we each got one for Christmas.
They sent all of these from their mission and they made them by hand. So great.

 This is the leather bracelet that I made for my mother in law for Christmas.

Aaron was Joseph in the Nativity.

Harkness cousins in the Nativity.

Aaron with his great Uncle Kenny.

We all brought a contribution to make little goody bags for children in need.
Then the cousins all put the bags together for the kids.

Then the cousins played Santa Bingo.

Harkness cousins.

Harkness cousins.
We sure missed April and her family.

 Our tree before we opened any gifts.

 Aaron with his two stockings.

I gave Aaron this hat for Christmas.
He loves it.

 These are the outside of the gifts that Aaron wrapped for me.

These are two pillows that Aaron made for me.
They both have the name MOM stitched onto the front.
He needed my help along the way, but didn't want me to see the gifts,
so I had to pretend not to look at them while I helped him.
He did a lot of it on his own though... what a sweet boy.
I love these pillows.

Aaron painting with his paint set that I got for him.
Zach playing with the legos that he got.


Finished painting.

 Aaron making a pot on the pottery set that I gave him for Christmas.

My mother in law gave me an Ebelskiver skillet for Christmas.
It is a Danish pancake skillet.
I have Danish ancestors, so it is so much fun to start a tradition making these pancakes with Aaron.

I think this was my first attempt.

 And I totally bombed. The learning curve was greater than I imagined.

So, I decided to try one at a time at first. :)



Aaron loves these as well.

Teresa and Robert both tried some as well.
I only got a photo of Teresa though. Sorry Rob.

Robert, Teresa, and Zach spent Christmas morning with us,
then went to Teresa's parents for the rest of the day.

Then Mark gave it a try that evening. He also had success. :)
Mark, Suzy, Evelyn, and Greta came for a couple of hours in the evening to spend some time with us.
It was so thoughtful for Robert's family and Mark's family to spend some time with us on Christmas day. It was a lonely day otherwise... wish my parents on another mission, my siblings were spending Christmas mostly with their own families. I wish I had gotten photos of Robert, and Suzy and Evelyn and Greta.
Thanks for spending time with us... we love you all.

Thanks for the gift, Sue. We love this skillet.

I love this boy.

Here are the candles we lit for Aaron and my brother Bruce for Christmas.
They are missed.

We sure missed my Mom and Dad / Aaron's Grandpa and Grandma.
They got home a little more than a month later and we are glad they will be here next Christmas.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

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Kristi said...

Our Christmas felt a little lonely this year too since we weren't with extended family. Glad it was a good Christmas. Merry Christmas in July.